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ICBC (Asia) Mobile Banking supports iPhone/Android Apps. It offers you a comprehensive range of banking and securities services with user-friendly interface, allowing you to manage your wealth without time and geographical limits. For details, please see the following descriptions.

1. Advantages of Brand New Mobile Banking

  • Through “New Customer Account Opening” service, new customer can complete an integrated bank account opening application in as quickly as 8 minutes, anytime and anywhere, without having to visit our branches.
  • Support intra/inter-bank transfer in real time, beneficiary account addressing and electronic direct debit authorization setup via “FPS Services”.
  • Use fingerprint/Face ID authentication for login or fingerprint authentication for transaction, liberated from inputting user ID or password every time, enjoy fast and convenient mobile banking service
  • Provide an open platform for intelligent financial services by four sections, including "Service", "Smart Reminder", "Message" and "Me".
  • Optimize User Interface design, milder color and more comfortable visual effect, to protect your eye and create high quality customer experience.
  • Support main page functions personalization, add or delete the functions and adjust the functions order as to meet customer needs.
  • Simplify and optimize frequently used functions, introduce One Click Transfer function and ICBC Mobile Number Transfer function.
  • Introduce elite products and services by showing brand new investment services sections. Customers can enjoy exclusive banking/ investment services with ease.
  • Show your asset allocation in pie chart and allow access to all accounts in one single management section.
  • Support the sharing of ICBC (Asia) Mobile Banking download path to popular social platforms, which strengthening the interaction with friends and relatives.
  • Receive ICBC Messaging notifications, latest bank products, credit card promotional offers and financial information through the "Message" without logging into our mobile banking.

2. Overview of ICBC (Asia) Mobile Banking

Function Description All users ICBC Customers
New Customer Account Opening Service Download ICBC(Asia) mobile banking App to enjoy the following services:
• Integrated Account Opening
• Consolidated Investment Account Opening
• Status enquiry
• Set up Mobile Banking services immediately
• My portfolio
• Currency trading
• Time deposit
• Bill payment
• Fund subscription or redemption
• Local inter-bank funds transfer via FPS
• Mobile token
• Transactions enquiry
• Biometric authentication
• Transaction limit setting
• Reset login password

Download ICBC Smart Invest App to enjoy the following services:
• HK stock, SH/SZ stock and US stock trading
• IPO subscription and financing services

Stay tuned for more features and functions
FPS Services •FPS Service transfer payment
•Addressing Service for FPS fund collection
•Transaction Enquiry
•Addressing Service Enquiry and Setting
Mobile Token Functions at Mobile Banking App support the use of login & transaction services includes:
1.Mobile Token Fingerprint/Face ID Login Service
2.Mobile Token Fingerprint/Face ID Transaction

Functions at Mobile Banking App support the use of "Mobile Token" 2-Factor Authentication(2FA) includes:
1.Activate/Reset/Disable & Change Password for the Mobile Token
2.Applicable to Large Value Transfer
3.Applicable to Adjust Transfer Limit
4.Applicable to Updated Outward Transfer & Modify and Register the Third Parties
5.Change Login Password
6.Change Contact Information (Changing Mobile Number/E-mail Address/Contact Address)
7.Reactivate Dormant Account

Functions at Personal Internet Banking support the use of "Mobile Token" by pushing message for high risk transactions to complete 2-Factor Authentication(2FA) includes:
1.Large Value Fund Transfer
2.Register/Modify Third Party Account
3.Setup/Modify Time Deposit Maturity Instruction(Only applicable to transfer in registered third-party account with ICBC(Asia))
4.Setup Credit Card Auto-pay Service
5. Change Password
6. Setup/Modify User Login Name
7. Setup Login Method
8. Modify Personal Information
9. Cancel Internet Banking Services
10. Payment Templates (High Risk Merchants)
11. Bill Payment (High Risk Merchants)
12. eDDA (Setup/Modify/Restore)
13. Credit Card Payment Registration
14. Investment Transaction Authentication Method
15. Flexi Plus Transfer

Function at ICBC(Asia) Smart Invest App support the use of ‘’Mobile Token’’ or ‘’Mobile Token Biometric’’ to complete 2-Factor Authentication(2FA) include:
1.Logon ICBC(Asia) Smart Invest App
Gestures Login Setting •Using gestures as an alternative on password to assess mobile banking
Touch ID/Fingerprint Transaction Authentication# • Using fingerprint authentication as an alternative on password to authentic the transaction
Securities* •Support HK Stocks and SHHK/SZHK Stock Connect
•Buy/Sell Stock
•Stock Quote(Real-time and Delayed)
•Amend/Cancel Order
•Securities order status enquiry
•Securities transaction history enquiry
•Investment summary enquiry
•Daily Securities Trading Limit
•Margin account transfer
•Register CNY settlement account
•Apply for Northbound Trading Services
Account Opening •Apply Flexi Plus and Integrated Accounts
•Apply FX Plus/Margin FX & Precious Metal Trading Account
•Update Investment Risk Profile
•Apply Consolidated Investment Account
•Apply Securities Account(Cash)
•Apply Securities Account(Margin)
•Apply Instrument-Linked and Structured Deposit Account
•Tax Jurisdiction Enquiry/ Modification
Currency Trading* • Offer the most popular currencies for trade, including GBP, CNY,EUR,AUD,CAD,JPY,SGD,NZD,CHF and USD
• Market currency exchange rate
Funds* • Fund Subscription/Switching/Redemption
•Monthly Saving Plan Application and Summary
•Update Investment Risk Profile
•Investment Transaction Authentication Setting
•My Lucky Draw
Margin FX&Precious Metal* •Offers foreign exchange and precious metal margin trading services
My Portfolio * • Account details of Deposit, Credit Card, Investment and Loan
• Previous 365 days deposit account enquiry
Transfer&Remittance •Local Bank Transfer: transfer fund to own accounts and other bank’s accounts
•One Click Transfer
•Other Region Remittance: Remit money to other regions’ account by Telegraphic Transfer or ICBC Express
•Transfer/Remit fund to my registered third-party accounts
•Transfer/Remittance Instruction Enquiry: Instant or scheduled transaction enquiry*
• Preset your scheduled transfer up to 90 calendar days*
• Register third-party accounts
• Small-value Fund Transfer service*
•Flexi Plus Transfer*
•QR Code Transfer*
ICBC Express •Transfer to other accounts within ICBC Group
• Transfer to an ICBC mainland account by inputting mobile number
Precious Metal* •Paper Gold Scheme
•Paper Silver Scheme
•Paper Platinum Scheme
•Paper Palladium Scheme
Credit Card •Online Application
•Install Payment
•Credit Card activation, repayment and transcations enquiry
•Credit Card details and setting
•Report Lost
•Credit Limit Adjustment Service
•Add registered card
•View E-card
Mobile Payment * •Credit Card Payment Services
Cardless Withdrawal * •ICBC Cardless Withdrawal Service
•Activation of Cardless Withdrawal Service
•Jetco Cardless Withdrawal Service
Flexi Plus* •Apply Flexi Plus Account
•Flexi Plus Transfer
Time Deposit •Open Time Deposit
• Time Deposit Summary
•Time Deposit Withdrawal
•Maturity Instruction Amendment
•Time Deposit Renewal
Bill Payment •Bill Payment:government,utilities and credit cards
•Payment Templates
•Set up or enquiry my Electronic Direct Debit Authorization
•e-bill Payment Enquiry
Insurance •Insurance Account Summary
Log Query • Transaction activities enquiry
News •Latest News of the Bank
Smart Reminder •Credit Card Rayment Reminder
•Loan Repayment Reminder
•Time Deposit Due Reminder
•Credit Card Due Reminder
•Custom Reminder
News •Latest News of the Bank
Branches •Branches network Enquiry
Contact •Call us
•Terms and Conditions
•Privacy Statement and Responsibility Statement
Time Deposit Rate Inquiry •Time Deposit Interest Rate (HKD)
•Time Deposit Interest Rate (Foreign Currencies)
Exchange Rate Inquiry •Exchange Rate (HKD Based)
•Exchange Rate (USD Based)
Message* •ICBC Messaging Notifications
•New Products Delivery
•Stock Express
•Credit Card Merchant Offers
•FX insight
Share* •Share the App download function to social platforms
Search •Search products by key words
Loan •e-Loan
•Mortgage Application
•Loan Account Enquiry
•Credit Loan

+Face ID login service is for use only on Apple iPhone X or later iPhone models with an operating system of iOS 11 or above. This service is not applicable for Android Devices.

#The Touch ID/Fingerprint Login service and Touch ID/Fingerprint Transaction Authentication service is available on Apple iPhone 5s or later iPhone models, or on Android phones with fingerprint recognition sensors and an operating system of android 6.0 or above.

*This function is only applicable to iPhone/Android App

3. Login to ICBC (Asia) Mobile Banking

You can search "ICBC Asia" through iPhone App Store/Google Play or scan the QR Codes below to download and enjoy the "ICBC (Asia)" Mobile Banking App.

ICBC (Asia) iOS/Android APK Google Play

4. Recommended Operation System

-Apple iOS 10.0 or more updated versions (Default Browser)
-Android 6.0 or more updated versions (Default Browser)

Note: As there are some differences in mobile phone devices, some models may not be compatible with the service even they run on the above-mentioned operation systems, and the webpage display of some handset models may result in different layout. ICBC (Asia) will update the system regularly in order to support more models.

5. Risk Disclosure and Reminder

  • Investment involves risk and the prices of securities and derivatives products fluctuate. The prices of securities may move up or down, sometimes dramatically, and may become valueless.
  • It is as likely that loss will be incurred rather than profit made as result of buying and selling investment. Past result should not be taken as indication of future performance.
  • The risk of loss in financing a transaction by deposit of collateral is significant. You may sustain losses in excess of your cash and any other assets deposited as collateral with the licensed or registered person. You may be called upon at short notice to make additional margin or interest payments. If the required margin or interest payments are not made within the prescribed time, your collateral may be liquidated without your consent. Moreover, you will remain liable for any resulting deficit in your account and interest charged on your account.
  • Before making investment decision, you should thoroughly study the offering documents; the financial reports and relevant risk disclosure statements issued by the issuer of the investment product(s). Further you should consider your own circumstances and financial position to ensure the investment are suitable for your particular investment needs.
  • You shall seek independent professional advice on legal, tax, financial and other issues in connection with the investment if necessary.
  • Keep your password secure and secret at all times, and change your password periodically.
  • Please safeguard your password, or you may suffer loss of personal information or assets.

Descriptive Information

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