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ICBC Global Markets Advantages

I. Excellent Products and Services
ICBC, being one of the largest market makers in China's interbank market and a dominant player in international financial market, provides excellent products and services backed by strong financial position, intensified business scale and experienced dealing team. I. Diversified and flexible product portfolios. II. Competitive prices for products and service. III. Easy access to investment/dealing service. IV. Comprehensive, timely market updates/advisory.  

II. Cutting-edge Business Systems
Leveraging its cutting-edge technological strength, ICBC provides an array of highly efficient financial services through different service channels in order to increase core competence. ICBC's world-class global markets business system can quickly process all transactions related to investment and finance, treasury and bond issuance. Moreover, ICBC's proprietary global markets management platform provides strong system and technical support to manage all global markets transactions under one roof as well as reliable, highly efficient, accurate dealing services for customers.

III. Professional Dealers and Service Team
ICBC has a team of professional dealers who are experienced in buying/selling RMB, FX, precious metals, derivatives and underwriting service. Further, many ICBC support teams formed by professionals provide business support in system set-up, business management, marketing and product R&D. They can respond to customer requirements timely and offer a full range of top-of-the-class financial services to customers.

IV. Top Player
In global markets service, ICBC is a pacesetter and top player in China. ICBC is the largest investor, settlement trader and market maker in interbank bond market, the largest underwriter for corporate bonds issued by non-financial companies. ICBC is also a proprietary class I T-bond trader, Class A T-bond underwriter in the first batch, also one of the banks in the first batch approved to trade FX financial derivatives in China. In recent years, ICBC receives numerous accolades including "Best Innovation in Banking Products", "Golden Wealth Management Bank", "Outstanding Dealing Member", "Excellent Deal of the Year" and "Excellent Underwriter for T-Bond, Financial Bond" presented by China Foreign Exchange Trading System, China Government Securities Depository Trust & Clearing Co. Ltd, Bloomberg.

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