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Financial Bond Investment

I. Description
The financial bond investment refers to the business where ICBC invests in financial bonds issued by domestic and foreign customers through domestic and foreign bond markets to satisfy their financing needs. Financial bonds include policy financial institution bonds, commercial financial institution bonds, and international financial organization bonds.

II. Functional Features
1. It is one of the main financing methods for various financing entities in the direct financing market.
2. Diversified investment terms. The investment term can be generally divided into short-term bonds, medium-term bonds and long-term bonds, which can meet customers’ financing needs with different terms.
3. Different bonds have different attributes and characteristics, including rating, payment order, interest payment frequency, redemption terms and back-sell terms.

III. ICBC Advantages
1. Capital advantage. ICBC is one of the largest investors, settlers and market makers in the RMB bond market. It is also among China’s first batch of tier-1 treasury bond operation institutions and the first batch of treasury bond underwriters.
2. Personnel advantage. ICBC has a professional trading team and extensive experience and expertise in the area of bond investment.
3. System and rule advantage. ICBC provides guarantee through advanced information system support and business systems, and owns an intensive capital operation system and a flexible pricing mechanism.

IV. Operation Guide
After obtaining the approval or registration of relevant regulators, the financial interbank customers can make preparations for the issuance and communicate with ICBC investment management personnel about the financing needs, rate of return, and handling fees through road shows or other approaches. ICBC will make investment in bonds issued by commercial bank customer when the investment conditions are satisfied.

V. Definitions
1. Policy financial bonds: Policy financial bonds are bonds issued by policy financial institutions.
2. Commercial financial institutional bonds: Bonds issued by banks and non-banking financial institutions other than policy financial institutions.
3. International financial organization bonds: Bonds issued by international multilateral development banks, the international settlement banks and the International Monetary Fund.

VI. Risk Prompt
The bond market price is affected by the macro economy, bond supply and demand, and customer ratings, and has a certain degree of volatility.

Note: The information given on this page is for reference only. See the announcements and rules of local outlets for details.

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