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ICBC is always committed to putting "Customer First", complementing strengths and delivering mutual benefits with customers, as well as sharing resources for aligned development. ICBC provides strong business support and best-class financial services for governmental and financial institutions.

Expanding Customer Base
The fast growth of institutional financial market in recent years offers a good opportunity for ICBC to deepen innovative cooperation with institutional customers and beef up market influence. ICBC's three-tier marketing team comprising members from Head Office, branches and sub-branches targets at leading institutional customers with coverage across the middle stream/downstream. As of today, ICBC has more than 400,000 government customers, covering fiscal, taxation, industrial and commercial, customs, court and judiciary, social security, education, research, medical and health as well as charity areas, in addition to nearly 7000 financial institutional customers including banks, securities companies, insurance firms, trust companies, futures companies, stock exchanges and other non-banking financial institutions.

Comprehensive Product Offering
In order to meet diversified demand from financial institution customers, ICBC has stepped up resource integration and set up a specialist team to provide institutional customers (financial institutions) with tailor-made integrated financial service solutions, creating a one-stop service model led by customer departments and supported by product and service departments. So far, financial services offered to institutional customers cover 75 products under three categories of assets, liabilities and intermediary services. ICBC has secured a leading position in key segments such as institutional deposit, third-party depositary, property insurance, asset custody settlement, fiscal and Bank-Futures transfer.

Broad Service Channels
ICBC has always been committed to expanding service channels and improving service with an aim to provide more convenient, faster and more reliable services to institutional customers. At present, ICBC offers an array of financial products and services to institutional customers through 16,648 outlets across China, 239 overseas institutions and a global network of 1,669 correspondent banks. Furthermore, off-premise banking is booming as online insurance and phone insurance grow rapidly, in addition to The penetration in online payment service authorized by Central fiscal department and e-payment service for custom duties, all contributing to an accelerated integration of our systemized platform. Through 36 first-tier branches and direct branches that set up Institutional Banking Department, as well as around 10,000 account managers, ICBC is dedicated to provide professional, efficient services to institutional customers.

Strengthening Growth Momentum
ICBC has accumulated rich experience and achieved significant progress in building partnership with institutional customers. In the past decade, deposit from institutional customers has leaped nearly seven-fold with revenue up by ten times, leading peers across all business lines:

ICBC continues to head domestic ranking in terms of total outstanding deposit from institutional customers.
ICBC is the No.1 in interbank payment settlement.
ICBC has been leading the market in the number of third-party depositary customers and depositary balance for three consecutive years since September 2010.
ICBC has the highest market share in insurance brokerage.
ICBC has the highest number of account opening for Centralized Bank-Futures transfers and balance of futures margin.
As one of the earliest commercial banks engaged in processing centralized treasury payments under China's public finance reform, ICBC has continued to win the tender as administrating bank, capturing the highest market share among all banks in China.
ICBC is appointed as the only bank to disburse salary to employees in central government departments, pensions to retired employees and salary to employees working in retired management organization.
In China, ICBC is the first commercial bank to issue Official cards to central budgetary units, maintaining dominance in the number of cardholders in central and regional budgetary units and the number of Official cards issued.
ICBC is the first bank to run the pilot for online repayment of Official cards for central budgetary units and central fiscal authorized payment via Internet Banking.
Since 2012, ICBC is the first bank for the Ministry of Finance's pilot "online centralized treasury payments (regional) project ".

ICBC also enters a new phase of development as commercial banks shareholding restructuring deepens. Facing new opportunities and challenges, ICBC will proactively pursue innovation in product offering to increase core competitiveness. Backed by powerful resources, excellent reputation and solid operation, ICBC will offer top-class full-suite financial services to all institutional customers, delivering commitments to win-win cooperation with customers.

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