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Integrated Service Platform for Housing Provident Fund

I. Definition
The integrated service platform for housing provident fund is an integrated management system tailor-made for housing provident fund management centers. It is capable of operation independent of the banking system, and provides all-round services including housing provident fund system management, information maintenance and housing provident fund collection, withdrawal and transfer, provident housing fund loan issuance and repayment management, accounting, statement statistics, housing provident fund product plan management, audit management etc.

II. Target Customers
The platform is applicable to housing provident fund management centers, housing provident fund corporate customers and housing provident fund personal customers.

III. Features and Advantages
1. Flexible arrangement
The platform is in an independent arrangement, and supports two modes (non-custody and bank custody). In the former, servers are arranged at housing provident fund management centers. In the latter, servers are arranged at ICBC, to which operators of housing provident fund management centers can have access via IE browser.
2. Diversified functions
The system has such modules as management, information, collection, loan, finance, cashier, audit and statement, and can be customized based on the needs of clients.
3. Customization
The system can flexibly assign function authority to each user, develop review & approval processes and steps for different businesses (such as collection and loan application) and set various parameters (such as housing provident fund loan interest rate and housing provident fund contributions by individual and business).
4. Multi-bank mode
Housing provident fund management centers can entrust business (such as information entry and audit) to designated banks and cooperate with multiple banks on housing provident fund business.

IV. Service Channels
Subject to channels and services set forth in the agreement.

V. Qualification
Housing provident fund management centers should sign the cooperation agreement with ICBC.

Note: the information provided on the page is for reference only. Specific businesses are subject to announcements and regulations of local outlets.

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