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Insurance Policy Agency Sales

I. Definition
Insurance Policy Agency Sales refers to agency service provided by ICBC where ICBC sells as agency for the domestic insurance companies at its business offices, Telephone Banking, Internet Banking, and credit as of the life insurance policies and property insurance policies; ICBC also provides consultation services and policyholder support services for the corporate and the individual customers. Meanwhile, the insurance companies take advantage of ICBC advanced technological system to realize agency premium collection, insurance claim payment, premium refund, and policy bonus payment through such as Internet Banking and over-the-counter banking.

II. Product Introduction
1. Agency sales of life insurance policy: ICBC cooperates with the life insurers and selects or especially develops the life policies suitable for bank customers and markets the insurance products such as universal life policy, bonus life policy, and accidental life policy to individual customers in different . The bank distributes the insurance products through such as over-the-counter banking, financial planning area of financial planning center, call center, and Internet Banking.

2. Agency sales of non-life insurance: ICBC cooperates with property insurers and selects or especially develops the non-life policies suitable for corporate and individual bank customers and distributes the policies through such as corporate loan, consumer loan, over-the-counter banking, financial planning area of financial planning center, telephone center, and Internet Banking. The product agency sales mainly include corporate property insurance, automobile vehicle insurance, third-party liabilities insurance, freight insurance, non-life investment driven insurance, household property insurance, and accident insurance.

3. Agency premium collection and claim payment: Taking advantage of ICBC advanced settlement network, ICBC provides insurance companies agency collection service for initial and rollover insurance premiums, insurance claim payment, premium refund, and policy bonus payment.

III. Target Client
Insurance companies taking ICBC Bank-Insurance Agency Services.

IV. Service Procedure

V. Features and Strengths
1. Advanced Bank-Insurance mentality: During ICBC's development of agency insurance services, it has been clinging to its mentality of providing quality services to common customers of the bank and the insurer. On basis of over-the-counter agency sales, it further enriched the product varieties for agency sales and jointly discusses and researches with the insurer as of the supply chain from product design to pilot run and full-scale promotion for Bank-Insurance products. It further boosts the degree of satisfaction among customers towards Bank-Insurance products and strives to gradually achieve the Bank-Insurance intercoperation from the source of the product.

2. ICBC's sound financial service network and high quality talents forms a strong ICBC sales capacity, thereby supremely boosts the distribution capacity of the insurers.

3. ICBC's valuable customer resources of over 100 million individual customers and 8 million corporate body customers constitute a broad platform for the insurers to jointly supply full financial insurance services to customers.

4. ICBC was the first bank that launched real-time system linked to the insurance companies, i.e. "Bank-Insurance Link System". It can realize the processing for the over-the-counter and Internet sales, policy writing, fund transfer, partial preservation, and information enquiries for agency products and life insurance products. It completed the material transition from manual processing to electronic processing for insurance agency services.

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