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Bank-bank Platform Business

I. Description
Bank-bank platform is an integrated business platform developed by ICBC for cooperating with peers in various fields. Through the platform, both parties can conduct cooperation on the following businesses: account precious metal, accrual gold, agency third-party depository, counter-connect, entrusted wealth management and cooperative forward foreign exchange settlement and sales, etc.

II. Target Customers
The platform is applicable to banking financial institutions with independent legal personality.

III. Features and Advantages
1. Diverse products: with the diverse product system, ICBC, as the optimal partner for peers, can offer various mature products to companies, institutions and personal customers of banking partners.
2. Comprehensive service: ICBC can work out various business solutions to meet diversified needs of peer customers.
3. Sound management: ICBC has a sound operation system in aspects of business system, risk control, operation management and data analysis, boasting high business safety and operation efficiency.
4. Flexible mode: ICBC can cooperate with the banking partners through customer terminal or system direct linkage.

IV. Qualification
After reaching a preliminary cooperation agreement with ICBC on the platform, banking partners need to submit business license, bank-bank platform registration and application form and other relevant documents.

V. Service Channels and Time
Subject to the publications of ICBC branches or sub-branches.

VI. Application Process
After reaching an agreement on business cooperation, both parties determine system connection method, sign relevant agreements, complete preparations, and launch corresponding business.

VII. Operation Guide
1. Intent: Banking partner and ICBC determine the business cooperation intent through consultation.
2. Access: After reaching an agreement on cooperation, the banking partner should submit the Form for Application, Change and Cancellation of the Bank-bank Platform Business, Code Information Table of Banking Partners and Branches, business license and other relevant materials to ICBC for review.
3. Agreement: Banking partner and ICBC sign the Cooperation Framework Agreement on Bank-bank Platform Business, Technical Confidentiality Agreement and other special business cooperation agreements.
4. System development and testing: The banking partner needs to develop programs or install the bank-bank platform client terminal based on system technical specifications, interface documents and safe communication modules provided by ICBC, before carrying out joint commissioning and testing.
5. Business launching: After joint commissioning and testing, the banking partner needs to open an inter-bank settlement account at the ICBC handling institution, or both parties open inter-bank settlement accounts at each other for full-amount fund liquidation before officially launching business.

Regarding fund liquidation, ICBC and banking partner conduct bank-bank platform businesses and conduct full-amount fund liquidation through the inter-bank settlement account opened by the partner at the ICBC handling institution. The partner shall ensure adequate funds in such account.
Regarding customer management, ICBC and the banking partner jointly establish the customer complaint settlement mechanism, by which appeals from the customers of the banking partner should be solved. The problems that cannot be solved should be submitted to the ICBC handling institution through the channels agreed upon by both parties.

IX. Definitions
Account precious metal is a cooperation business in which the banking partner interconnects with ICBC’s system via the bank-bank platform, and its customers conduct account precious metal product transactions through account precious metal quotations and back-office trading system of ICBC and its channels. The precious metal product transaction is an investment trading product offered by ICBC to customers. The trading is accounted in shares in RMB or USD through bookkeeping without physical delivery of physical precious metals. Main products include account gold, account silver, account platinum and account palladium.
The gold accumulation business on the bank-bank platform means that ICBC cooperates with peers. The latter, based on ICBC’S business support, modifies gold accumulation into their proprietary products and provide them to their customers. The gold accumulation business means that customers purchase accrual gold backed by gold assets on a regular basis or on their own initiative during business hours specified by banks. Such accrual gold can be exchanged, redeemed and transferred.
Agency third-party depository business means that banking partners, via ICBC, provide third-party depository service for customer transaction settlement funds of securities companies, in which customers can launch transactions (such as banking-securities fund transfer and inquiry) through the channels of the banking partner or securities company.
Counter-connect means that relying on the bank-bank platform, ICBC’s customers can conduct businesses (such as RMB balance inquiry, withdrawal, deposit and transfer) at the outlet counters of ICBC’s banking partners, and the customers of the partners can also conduct the above-mentioned businesses through bank cards (passbooks) issued by the partners at designated outlet counters and self-service terminals of ICBC.
Entrusted wealth management product sales business means that ICBC cooperates with peers and entrusts them to sell wealth management products designed, developed and managed by ICBC to their customers, and they conduct agency redemption of wealth management funds.
Cooperative forward foreign exchange settlement and sales means that domestic banks and their branches without qualification conduct the business for customers through cooperation with ICBC.

Note: the information provided on the page is for reference only. Specific businesses are subject to announcements and regulations of local outlets.

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