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Bank-Futures Account Transfer

Bank-Futures Account Transfer refers to arrangement where the bank provides electronic transfer service system for futures traders (i.e. customers of futures companies including institutional client and individual natural person customer) and the futures companies to facilitate the fund transfer. It dramatically improves the fund transfer efficiency. The service includes: futures trader margin deposit and withdrawal, and future companies' examination and approval and enquiries on margin deposits.

II.Target Client
The investors who trade the futures: the service mainly targets at the investors who frequently retrieves the futures trade margin.

III. Features and Strengths
(I) More secure futures margin: the investors may transfer the excess fund into the bank to avoid embezzlement of trade margin;

(II) More convenient and prompt deposit and retrieval of margin for investors, which enhances the trading efficiency;

(III)It is beneficial to the shared resources between the futures companies and the bank, and enlarges the scope of futures investors.

The investors may execute the transactions through bank's or the futures companies' counter, Telephone Banking, and Internet Banking (Service Channel differs according to the different Business Offices. The customers are advised to sign service contract at the Business Offices to determine the applicable service methods.)

At present, ICBC is developing the nationwide centralized Bank-Futures Account Transfer. After the launch of the system, the system enables the transfer between futures investors and futures brokerage companies across the different cities.

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