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ICBC e-Social Insurance

I. Definition
“ICBC e-Social Insurance” is a one-stop integrated service platform that provides fund payment, account management and social insurance card services for social insurance institutions, insured organizations and insured individuals, fund liquidation and business management & control services for social insurance institutions as well as social insurance application, premium payment, inquiry, benefit payment, qualification authentication and other convenient and fast services through counters, Internet banking, self-service terminals, mobile banking and other channels of the Bank.

II. Target Customers
The platform is applicable to social insurance administration institutions, insured organizations and insured individuals at all levels.

III. Functions
i. Services for social insurance institutions
1. Management of social insurance account breakdown
2. Inquiry about social insurance account balances
3. Allocation of social insurance funds
4. Batched and sporadic payment of social insurance benefits
5. Synchronization and updating of social insurance and bank information
6. Statistical statements
7. Fund liquidation and business management & control
ii. Services for insured organizations
1. Social insurance payment
2. Agency deduction of social insurance fees
3. Social insurance payment and subscription information inquiry
4. Statistical statements
iii. Services for insured individuals
1. Social insurance payment declaration
2. Payment level adjustment
3. Social insurance payment
4. Agency deduction of social insurance fees
5. Social insurance payment and subscription information inquiry
6. Qualification authentication
7. Social insurance card service

IV. Features and Advantages
i. Industrial standards
As the only commercial bank partner, ICBC has participated in the drafting of “Design and Development Specifications for the Interface between Social Insurance Management Information System and Commercial Bank System”.
ii. Technical advancement
The platform adopts the industry’s mainstream mybatis open source framework and micro-service design concept and supports extendable and highly available system framework.
iii. Domestic pioneer
ICBC is the first bank to participate in the drafting of social insurance system standards and specifications in China, playing an exemplary role in the industry.
iv. Strong team
The platform boasts strong teams specializing in product design, R&D, testing and operation & maintenance, enabling timely support in innovation of various regions through collaboration between the Head Office and branches.

V. Service Channels
Internet banking, outlet counters, mobile banking and self-service terminals.

Note: the information provided on the page is for reference only. Specific business standards are subject to the regulations of local branches.

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