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Short Message Reminding service

The short message reminding service of Peony Card is the service offered to you by ICBC for reminding of important transaction through short message of mobile phone, so as to guarantee the safety of your funds.

I. Service Contents
As long as you hold Peony Card of ICBC, you can open short message service, change the service information and cancel the service in business offices of ICBC, or through 24-hour customer service telephone (95588) and the website of ICBC(www.icbc.com.cn). Once you have opened the service of short message, you will receive the reminding information from ICBC for any important transaction leading to the change of your account fund through various channels such as the ATM, POS, Self-service Terminal, Internet Banking, Telephone Banking, Mobile Banking and Business Offices of ICBC, etc.

The format of reminding information is: end number XXXX (last four digits of card number) + card category of ICBC + transaction date + transaction time + transaction place + debit and credit mark + transaction summary + transaction amount + transaction currency

For example: the payout (expenditure) of RMB 530.00 through POS for the Peony International Card of ICBC with end number being 1588 at 15:05 on 14th.

II. Open and Change the Service
1. Open and Change in Internet Banking

The registered customer of Internet Banking can visit ICBC website (www.icbc.com.cn), and log on ICBC Personal Internet Banking. Click the service of "ICBC Messenger", and choose "Balance Change Reminding service" of "Open Messenger Service" or "Enquire/Change/Cancel Messenger Service", then customer can open the service change the opened service information and cancel the service.

2. Open and Change through Telephone Banking
Customer can dial 24-hour customer service telephone (95588) of ICBC, and switch to manual service, then the service representative of ICBC will open or change the service for customer.

3. Open and Change in Business Offices
Customer with Peony International Card, RMB Credit Card or RMB Debit and Credit Combo Card can fill in Application for Peony Card Business of ICBC in any business office of ICBC, and offer the valid identity certificates of the applicant himself/herself and the number of the card about to open the short message reminding service, then the bank staff of ICBC will open or change the service for customer..

III. Special Notice
ICBC reminds card holders to pay attention: once you have received the short message, please check the format and contents of short message, and dial the unique customer service telephone (95588) of ICBC if having any question. The service representative of ICBC will offer professional service for you. Never disclose the card number and password of your card and any other personal information to any unknown person through telephone, e-mail, short message, website, etc.

Note: Information provided on this page is for your reference only. The specific details should be subject to the business operation process as well as the announcements and stipulations at your local bank outlet.ICBC reserves the right of final interpretation.

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