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ICBC Single-Chip Credit Card
Platinum Credit Card
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ICBC single-chip credit cards are chip cards launched by ICBC, first such card in the market. Three types of ICBC single-chip credit cards are available, platinum, gold or classic. Each card comes with all the financial functions of a RMB credit card and can be used for contact or contactless payment via the chip. Besides, the credit card can be used for e-cash as well. Advantage of ICBC single-chip credit cards is more secure and brings new experience for cardholders.

I. Payment by chips, trendy experience
ICBC single-chip credit cards are CUP-branded RMB credit cards with PBOC 2.0 chip. The cards can be used for contact or contactless payments through PBOC-enabled POS at ICBC outlets, ICBC merchants or CUP merchants.

II. State-of-the art technology, one card for many purposes
An ICBC single-chip credit card stores considerably more information, and merge the function of payment with customer identification, membership management, transport management and commercial co-branding. Cardholders can use the card for many purposes on different occasions.

III. Risk prevention, upgrade protection
An ICBC single-chip credit card contains an embedded chip complied with PBOC 2.0 standard. Chip cards provide security features not possible with traditional magnetic stripe cards which means higher protection for cardholders. Chip cards are the future trend of bank card in China.

IV. E-Cash, safe and fast
ICBC single-chip credit cards have e-cash functions for cardholders to make small fast payments, just wave the card at contactless-enabled POS, fast, easy steps.

Fast & Convenient Financial Services

Revolving credit, long grace period
Choice of your own password
Convenient, automatic repayment through different service channels
Installment payment via phone, POS, counter or Internet Banking
SMS subscription service for balance change alert
24-hour online/Telephone Banking services
Paper or electronic statement service
Bonus point rewards program
Free SMS alert for due repayment
Specific account for automatic repayment

Note: Information provided on this page is for your reference only. The specific details should be subject to the business operation process as well as the announcements and stipulations at your local bank outlet.ICBC reserves the right of final interpretation.

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