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ICBC Chime-Long Co-Branded Card

ICBC Chime-Long Co-Branded Card is a co-branded credit card for leisure and tourism jointly issued by ICBC and Guangdong Chime-Long Group. Integrating superior resources of both parties and combining security and convenience of ICBC credit card and multiple preferential offers by Chime-Long Group, the card is the essential choice for traveling at Chime-Long Scenic Area.

I. Introduction
ICBC Chime-Long Co-Branded Card is issued by a "1 + 1" style, i.e., a UnionPay RMB card plus a VISA multi-currency card. Chime-Long Co-branded Card is a chip-magnetic stripe card, which can ensure the fund safety of cardholders. The UnionPay RMB card is mainly used for domestic payment, which can be accepted in a contact or non-contact manner and supports electronic cash application; the VISA multi-currency card is mainly used for overseas payment in ten currencies of USD, EUR, HKD, GBP, JPY, SGD, CAD, AUD, CHF and NZD, and cardholders can enjoy free conversion of foreign exchanges in all countries and regions. ICBC Chime-Long Co-Branded Card is divided into platinum, gold and classic cards, with eight years of validity. The two cards have independent card numbers and equal grades with the amount incorporated into the total credit line of the personal credit card for unified management. The RMB account is automatically associated with that of foreign currency, so that customers' transactions are shown in one statement. The annual fees for UnionPay card and VISA card are as half that of the card with the same grade, respectively.



II. Privileges
i. Exclusive privileges in Chime-Long Park
ICBC Chime Long Co-Branded Card holders will enjoy relevant preferential rights and interests for consumption with the card in Chime-Long Scenic Area.
1. Buying tickets of theme parks at 50% discount
In the term of validity, the card can be used to buy tickets for theme parks at 50% discount once and a person is limited to buy one ticket for one park.
2. Enjoying 10% discount for hotels and tickets in Chime-Long Scenic Area
Within the card validity, the holder of the platinum card can enjoy a 10% discount for tickets and hotels, while that of the gold and classic cards can enjoy a 5% discount for the tickets and hotels.
3. 24-hour free parking service
Within the card validity, the holder can enjoy the free parking service in the Chime-Long Scenic Area. (no longer than 24 hours)
4. Three wristbands for priority to avoid queuing
Within the card validity, the holder of the platinum card can get three wristbands to avoid queuing for some facilities of Chime-Long Paradise, Chime-Long Water Park and Chime-Long Ocean Kingdom Park so as to have the priority.
Terms and conditions:
1. The theme parks refer to: Chime-Long Paradise, Chime-Long Water Park, Chime-Long International Circus, Chime-Long Wildlife World, Guangzhou Crocodile Park, Zhuhai Chime-Long Ocean Kingdom, Zhuhai Chime-Long International Circus and the new separate Chime-Long theme parks opened later during the cooperation period; Definition of tickets at 50% discount: The tickets refer to the normal-price adult ones for single Chime-Long Theme Parks. Each person is limited to buy one discount ticket for one park within the validity of the card. It shall not be used together with other preferential offers at the same time.
2. The discount tickets refer to the normal-price adult ones for single Chime-Long theme park. Each person is limited to buy three discount tickets for one park one day, and book three discount hotel rooms. Other preferential offers shall not be enjoyed at the same time.
3. Once swiping the co-branded card, the holder can enjoy the free parking service in the Chime-Long Scenic Area on the day and there is no need to buy tickets of the Scenic Area in advance.
4. The cardholder has priority once for each facility. When having the priority, the cardholder should enter the facility together. If exceeding the free limit, the friends accompanying the cardholder should buy the wristbands for the priority.

ii. Automatically becoming a Chime-Long Club member to enjoy double bonus points
ICBC Chime-Long Co-branded Card is both ICBC credit card and Chime-Long Club membership card, and bonus points are accumulated for both parties according to their own rules. The Platinum ICBC Chime-Long Co-branded Card is equivalent to the Gold Chime-Long Club membership card, and the Gold and Classic ICBC Chime-Long Co-branded Cards are equivalent to the Silver Chime-Long Club membership card.

iii. Zero fees for currency exchange
Zero currency conversion fee is charged for overseas consumption in 10 foreign currencies, namely, USD, Euro, HKD, GBP, GPY, SGD, CAD, AUD, CHF and NZD. The consumption at VISA network in countries or regions of the ten foreign currencies is directly charged to the account in corresponding currencies without currency conversion, and so the holder needs not pay exchange fees. For the consumption in countries or regions not using the 10 foreign currencies above, service charges for currency conversion will be exempted automatically.

iv. Account security insurance
You can get for free ICBC’s latest credit card account security insurance as long as you activate the card and make one payment with it. The insured amount for platinum card, gold card and classic card is RMB50,000, RMB20,000 and RMB5,000 respectively. Within the insurance period, the number of applications for insurance compensation is unlimited, but the total amount of compensation cannot exceed the insurance quota. During the insurance period, if your ICBC Chemi-Long Co-branded Credit Card or other ICBC credit cards are lost, stolen, copied, or you are coerced to hand ICBC credit cards to someone else to use, or disclose the bank card number and password to others, as a result of which, your ICBC credit card encounters loss of funds due to stealing or transfer by others through bank counter, ATM, POS terminal, or online transaction, the insurance company will compensate transactions made 72 hours before the loss reporting.

III. Time-limited promotion
i. From now to December 31, 2017, customers who are successfully granted the first ICBC Chemi-Long Co-branded Credit Card can get 3,000 Chemi-Long membership points. The points will come to zero on December 31 next year.

ii. By December 31, 2017, the cardholders will enjoy “RMB80 deduction after RMB200 consumption” when buying tickets of Chemi-Long parks or eating at the cafeteria of designated hotels. During the activity, 62,500 cardholders can enjoy the deduction privilege. First come, first served, in order of swiping the card, until the last quota. During the activity, each holder can get up to four chances of deductions (tickets and cafeteria each for twice), with no repeated privileges.

IV. More Services Available
★Providing revolving credit and long interest-free repayment period
★Personal credit consumption loans
★Human-based password selection function
★Installment in diverse manners such as phone, POS, counter, Internet Banking, etc.
★24-hour Internet and Telephone Banking services
★Electronic statement service
★ Reward point program

V. Notes
i. Preferential interests for hotels of Chime-Long Co-branded Card cannot be enjoyed unless the card is shown before check-in and the bill is paid with the card.

ii. Chime-Long official website: www.chimelong.com.
Chime-Long Customer Service Hotline: 4008-830083.

Quick Payment with ICBC Chemi-Long Credit Card
★Linking the card to your mobile phone
You can use your phone to apply for a supplementary card for your Chemi-Long card (UnionPay brand) in use, and swing the phone to make payment. ICBC has launched mobile payment methods such as HCE Cloud Quick Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, MI Pay, and Huawei Pay. Featuring convenient binding, this service can be enabled immediately to provide customers with quickpayment!

You can link your Chemi-Long card in use to ICBC QR code payment, and make payment through the ICBC Link/ICBC Mobile’s “Scan” function, greatly improving the efficiency and convenience of payment. You can also enjoy the privilege of “Random reduction, up to RMB1,000”.

★Multiple means of payment
Supporting multiple media and currencies, the card meets your diversified needs by “card swiping, inserting, swinging or scanning”.

Tips: To the extent permitted by law, ICBC reserves the right to revise the terms and specific rules of this activity, and has the right to suspend or cancel this activity, which will take effect after being published through ICBC channels (such as ICBC website, ICBC credit card WeChat public account).

Note: Information provided on this page is for your reference only.  The specific details should be subject to the business operation process as well as the announcements and stipulations at your local bank outlet.ICBC reserves the right of final interpretation.

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