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ICBC Elite Club Card

☆ Introduction
As an elite, you must have some qualities outperforming others in certain aspects of work and life, so now you will have access to the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China's exclusive services. A series of VIP wealth management services will reflect your taste, namely the Elite Club Card.
An upright person loves wealth and shall manage it properly. Sometimes the way for wealth management is as important as the wealth itself, so we advocate the concept of "confident, natural and free wealth management" and provide you, who own a Elite Club Card, with professional wealth management services that enable your wealth to grant you more freedom.
Being special deserves respect. With a Elite Club Card, you can enjoy VIP treatment everywhere in the Bank, and the over ten thousand outlets across the country have opened the door of courtesy for you. The Bank has also cooperated with a large number of well-known businesses for your special offers that enable your fortune to create more values for you.

☆ Elite Club Chip Card
Chip card has become a major trend in global bank cards, thanks to its great security and multi-functionality. As the environment for developing and processing chip cards in China becomes increasingly mature, the Bank gives free rein to its potent R&D for the pioneering promotion of chip cards in domestic banking that grant our customers with safer and more convenient experiences.
The Bank will launch chip cards for customers with Elite Club Card, the major customer segment of the Bank, to consolidate the security of your financial assets and to facilitate your investment and wealth management. Such chip cards can help you embrace the latest trend of global cards soon.
The Bank devotes itself to better wealth management for you, and is fully convinced that the Elite Club Chip Card can definitely grant you the brand-new financial service experience.
Wish you good experience with the chip card!

☆ How to Apply
A Elite Club Card card is issued to the Bank's customers over (inclusive) five stars, who can apply for such card with their own valid identification cards in the Bank-designated outlets. Customers can send a message to 95588 or dial 95588 to know outlets available for card processing.

☆ Tips
1. Not only o a major wealth management instrument, the Elite Club Card also serves as the identification of the Bank's VIP customers. VIP treatment is not available if you do not show this card to our staff when processing business in the Bank's outlets or designated merchants.
2. Any alteration of your address, phone number and E-mail entails your immediate notification of your customer manager, so that the Bank can update your information without delay and provide you with types of information through your designated contact.
3. Maintenance of Elite Club Card. In order to reduce risk, Elite Club Card shall be separated from valid personal identity documents. When inputting the password of your Elite Club Card on ATM, you shall pay close attention to your surroundings and immediately change your password through ATM if necessary. If your card is captured by the ATM, please contact the Bank's staff through 95588 as soon as possible. Please cover the POS when you are inputting the password for payment, so that others can not see your password. After completing the transaction, you shall remember to fetch the transaction receipt.
4. Reporting the loss of Elite Club Card. If your Elite Club Card is lost or stolen, please come to outlets or log in to online banking or dial 95588 (mobile banking) to report the loss of the Card.
5. Change of Elite Club Card. If your Elite Club Card is damaged and does not function normally due to magnetic dysfunction, you can come to the Bank's outlets to change your card with your valid identification and the damaged Elite Club Card.
6. How to deal with captured Elite Club Card. If your card is captured by ATM, you can reclaim it in the outlet to which the problematic ATM belongs with your own identity documents, announcement printed by the ATM and other materials available to prove yourself as the card holder. If you do not reclaim the card within 30 days, the Bank will destroy the card in compliance with concerning regulations. Please be careful not to leak your card password during the contact with the Bank for card reclamation.
7. If necessary, please show your identity certification in compliance with what the Bank or franchised businesses require.

☆ Exclusive VIP channel
1. Exclusive VIP wealth management center
Our customers with Elite Club Card naturally deserve the privilege. Any of your financial demands can be prioritized in the Bank that puts you in the first place.
Considering your concern for confidentiality, the Bank has established thousands of VIP wealth management centers for the "Elite Club Card" that provides you with exclusive wealth management space, in which you can process all business at ease with the help of your customer manager and enjoy financial freedom.
2. VIP channels to enjoy immediate services
From now on, you have access to VIP channels instead of queuing in over ten thousand the Bank's outlets if you show your Elite Club Card for processing any financial business.
You can also enter the VIP channel automatically if you are applying for consumption loans, which can be processed and authorized with prioritized services. Integrated credit granting loans are launched for the circular use of one single credit granting, so that loans can be granted in a more convenient and faster manner to meet your financial demands and help you realize your dream in advance.
3. VIP wealth management service in Hong Kong and Macao
Considering your diversified wealth management demands, the Bank will extend its Elite Club Card VIP services to Hong Kong and Macao, in which you can enjoy such services in a comprehensive way through ICBC (Asia) and ICBC (Macao). In these two regions, you can enjoy not only a string of prioritized services provided by outlets, but also special offers on certain fees.
4. VIP channels for telephone banking
The Bank provides you with 400-66-95588, a line exclusively for Elite Club Card VIP services through which you can have access to telephone banking merely with your Elite Club Card number and password. You can select artificial services in menus of any level, through which you can be directly connected to the exclusive VIP operator for more considerate services. Besides, you can dial 95588 to enter the exclusive line for Elite Club Card customers of ICBC (Asia), and enjoy its serial VIP wealth management services.
5. Emergency aid services
Apart from "the icing on the cake", the Bank also "offers fuel in snowy weather". Whenever you need emergency aid in financial services, please contact your customer manager soon or dial 95588 for consultation, after which the Bank can solve your problems.

☆ Exclusive Special Offers
1. Reduction and exemption of fees
You are entitled to the reduction and exemption of fees for multiple businesses, including online banking transfer, reporting the loss of card, off-site withdrawal and deposit of money and wealth management agreements. Such special offers enable you to experience the glory of VIP. For more information on special offers of Elite Club Card, please log in to the portal website of the Bank or inquire in local outlets.
2. Special Offers on Merchants
The value of wealth is not confined to itself. The Bank can help your wealth create more for you.
Apart from the serial VIP special offers that the Bank provides for you, you are entitled to discounts in some celebrated merchants for a better life. Merchants with Elite Club Card are widely scattered in major cities across the country and cover a wide range of fields, including famous brand, shopping mall, hotel, tourism, gymnasium and entertainment. For special merchants with Elite Club Card, please log in to the portal website of the Bank.
3. VIP special report for free offer
The Bank will regularly provide you with special reports for VIP Elite Club Card, which can introduce to you some basic wealth management skills and middle-and long-term market information as well as fashion information to demonstrate your noble taste.

☆ Expert Wealth Management Services
1. Expert wealth management team
An upright person loves wealth and shall manage it properly.
How to preserve abundant fund for major events in life, such as education and further study for children and post-retirement life? How to achieve the hedging and appreciation of your wealth? The expert wealth management team of the Bank, consisting of customer managers with CFP and AFP as well as experts in stock market, fund and foreign exchange, will provide you with a customized proposal for personal or family wealth management, so that your wealth can appreciate and you can realize your goals.
2. Full-time customer manager
Our considerate care of customers extends to all aspects.
The Bank equips our Elite Club Card customers with highly qualified customer managers who can respond to your demand for financial services whenever you need, and can provide you with one-to-one wealth management service with the support of the back-office wealth management team. You can directly consult your customer manager whenever you have any doubt or wealth management demand, with whom you can have an appointment for processing financial services. A customer manager can serve as a reminder to notify you of the maturity of deposits, loan repayment and the fund net values.
3. Diversified investment and wealth management products
Considering you diversified investment and wealth management demands, the Bank provides you a wide range of investment products apart from conventional deposits, including treasury bond, fund, insurance, foreign exchange transaction, banking credit transfer, gold transaction and wealth management products for both local and foreign currencies. All these products help you hedge against risks and realize your wealth management goals.
4. Loan services lead to an easy life
Our pursuit for the better is endless, and the sole way to create an easy life is the asset-debt balance. We are convinced that you, our esteemed customers, must have grasped such idea. Thus, the Bank is ready to satisfy your financial needs, including the purchase of real estate, fundraising for your business career or even short-term financing for emergency. We provide the following loans: housing mortgages, automobile consumption loans, comprehensive consumption loans, short-term credit loans and personal operation loans.
5. Immediate wealth management information
Life is dynamic, and so is wealth management. The Bank provides a wide range of market information for our Elite Club Card customers, who can seize every single opportunity for wealth growth. What you need to do is solely to log in to the Bank's website for immediate information on the latest business special offers and wealth management products launched by the Bank, as well as market information on securities, foreign exchange, gold and futures. In doing so, you can take the first-mover advantage in the market.

☆ Special-offered Wealth Management Products
Thanks to its strong research capacity, the Bank can provided you with a wide range of exclusive "Elite Club Card" products to meet your customized wealth management demands.
1. Fixed income wealth management products
In order to meet your diversified investment demands, the Bank provides you with fixed income wealth management products. This type of product is mainly invested in inter-bank market, stock exchange and other financial markets, specifically including central bank notes, financial bond, corporate bond, commercial paper, loan-related entrust and commercial notes. Fixed-income wealth management products have a fixed investment tenor and can accurately calculate the expected return according to the return on investment and rates. Generally, if expired investment products can be liquidated normally, you can obtain higher expected return than the deposits of the same period, so that your wealth can keep appreciating.
2. Cash management wealth management products
For your demands for both return on investment and fund liquidation, the Bank launches cash management wealth management products. Similar to monetary fund, this product features high liquidity and is mainly invested in financial instruments with good inter-bank market credit and liquidity, such as central bank notes, financial bonds and high-credit corporate bonds. This type of product is characterized by its short tenor, fast liquidation and convenient redemption. It is mostly used in the allocation of idle fund, so that your temporary idle fund can appreciate.
3. Wealth management products in domestic capital market
The Bank launches wealth management products in domestic capital market, so that you can share the fruits delivered by domestic economic growth. This type of product is mainly diverted to investment products listed in Shenzhen and Shanghai Stock Exchange, including stocks and bonds in stock exchange, open-end fund and close-ended fund. This type of product is basically in the form of fund so that its return on investment can be reflected by net product value. Generally, such product can be subscribed and redeemed within their effective period.
4. Franchise overseas wealth management (QDII) products
The Bank provides you with franchise overseas wealth management (QDII) products, so that you can share return on overseas investment. This type of product is mainly invested in products like overseas shares, funds, structural notes and bonds.
5. Structural products (QUANTO products or dual-currency wealth management products)
The Bank provides you with structural products, the principal of which is invested in domestic market through various international financial market targets, like financial derivative instruments, pegged interest rate, exchange rate, stocks, funds, commodities and related indexes. In doing so, you have opportunities to indirectly participate in international financial market investment and share returns on overseas investment.

☆ Professional Account Management
•Centralized account management with multiple functions in one single card
With a Elite Club Card, you are spared from having multiple passbooks and cards. You can process all banking business, including deposits of local and foreign currencies, investment, loans, charge payment, transfer and remittance, so your life becomes more convenient.
You can manage all accounts in your name flexibly through your Elite Club Card. Hereby your multiple wealth management demands are met. For example, you can peg your current passbooks to your Elite Club Card with no need to keep more passbooks. Whenever you have special demands, you can unpeg the sub-account of a Elite Club Card from its parental account, and open a passbook for this sub-account protected with password.
•Customized automatic transfer to save your time and efforts
The Bank provides you with a great variety of exclusive customized services for automatic transfer that liberate you from the complex routine financial processing and that grant you wider financial freedom.
Fixed period: In a fixed period, a certain amount of fund will be transferred from your accounts to others. In doing so, you can transfer money to pay monthly housing loans and alimony for parents and children.
Balance-based compensation: When the balance of your accounts or those of others is lower than your designated standard, a certain amount of fund will be transferred from your other accounts for compensation, so that your account balance can stay above the designated standard.
Trigger by starting point: When the balance of your demand account is higher than the designate standard, a certain amount of fund will be transferred (extra amount or fixed amount) as time deposit (or call deposit). The outgoing account may be your or others' demand account.
Automatic payment on a regular basis: Routine charges, such as your monthly fees for phone call, will be paid on time.
Automatic credit card payment: If you designate some payment account as the account for automatic credit card payment, your overdraft fund of the current period will be automatically repaid on the due payment day.
•Time-demand Connect
By virtue of the "time-demand connect" wealth management agreement, you can automatically convert your idle fund in a demand account to time deposit on a monthly basis. When the fund of your demand account is insufficient due to card payment, transfer or cash withdrawal, the time deposit will be automatically converted to demand one, so that both of your needs for return on time deposit and convenience for demand deposit can be satisfied. (If you have insufficient fund due to payment in non-ICBC POS or cash withdrawal in ATM, the time deposit cannot be automatically converted to demand one.)
•Cumulative-interest deposit plan
To deal with your large-sum short-term fund, you can join the "cumulative-interest deposit plan" to convert it to call deposit automatically, the principal and interest of which will roll over automatically within the period of eight days or two days. In doing so, you can not only obtain higher interest rate on call deposit, but also withdraw your deposit whenever you demand. Besides, you can designate flexibly your transfer period and deposit period for call deposit or convert your call deposit to time deposit.
•Contingent fund services
The Bank provides you with the "contingent fund" service, namely the interest-free overdraft on that day. With this service, you can obtain the same amount of overdraft limit as the balance of time deposit in your Elite Club Card. When the fund of demand account in your Elite Club Card is insufficient, you can still pay or transfer with the interest-free overdraft on that day, so that you are prevented from interest loss due to early withdrawal of time deposit.
The cash service and credit line are available as soon as the service is activated.
•Co-branded account
Considering the management on the co-branded account of you and your families and friends, the Bank provides co-branded accounts exclusively for customers with Elite Club Card for the joint management, use and accumulation of funds. A co-branded account is opened by two or over two (less than five) personal customers with no limit on deposits. Its withdrawal must be processed in accordance with agreement, and both RMB and foreign currencies are covered in this service. The account type can be of personal demand settlement or of lump-sum regular deposit and withdrawal.
•Banking hukou (permanent residency)
The Bank launches the banking hukou for customers with Elite Club Card. After opening hukou, you can use your Elite Club Card to centralize the display and management of all your ICBC accounts (card/passbook/certificate of deposit) across the country, and verify the transfer of fund among registered accounts, so that your demand for fund transfer across the country can be met. You can have a comprehensive command of the distribution and fund status of your ICBC accounts across the country, and maximize the wealth appreciation with the help of your customer managers.
•Comprehensive reconciliation services
1. Reconciliation book. Once you open a "Elite Club Card", you will have a reconciliation book that records your business in details. You can print this book at counters of local outlets, or in self-service equipment, so that you can learn about fund changes in your accounts in time.
2. Comprehensive monthly bank statement. The Bank provides you with comprehensive monthly bank statements exclusively so that you can have a regularly full command of your own asset conditions.

☆ Exclusive Activities
1. Wealth management salons
The Bank will irregularly hold wealth management salons in websites or branches, focusing on themes like wealth management plan, securities investment, foreign exchange investment and real estate investment, so that you can exchange your opinions on wealth management with wealth management experts and other customers.
2. Theme activities
The Bank will irregularly launch marketing activities on various themes to provide customers with Elite Club Card with value-added services like sports, shopping and fashion.
3. Special activities
Considering local characteristics, branches of the Bank in different places will hold various special activities for their customers with Elite Club Card, such as concerts and golf games.

The above is for reference only. Details refer to the rules drawn up by local ICBC branch. To save your time, please call your local ICBC before applying for the service.
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