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Verified by Visa Services

In order to enhance the security of overseas on-line shopping and make more Peony Dual Currency Credit Card cardholders to enjoy the fun of overseas on-line shopping, ICBC together with VISA international institution launched "Verified by Visa" services, which was officially opened to cardholders at Nov 1st of 2004.

"Verified by Visa" services is the real-time on-line payment security vertification service provided by ICBC and VISA international institution to the cardholders. This service vertifies not only the legality of overseas website but also the identity of the cardholder through the designated confidential informations and passwords, which effectively reduce the risk of Peony VISA Dual Currency Credit Card (Personal Card) being falsely used on the internet.

All the cardholders of Peony VISA Dual Currency Credit Card (Personal Card) could open this service by themselves after they register and log in at ICBC International Card on-line bank. The customers need to designate confidential informations and payment passwords when applying for this service and the service would come into effect as soon as it is opened. Then the customers could choose favorite goods at overseas on-line merchants providing "Vertified by Visa" services, make sure of the shopping list and sum, and precede on-line payment verification.

Shopping Procedures of Peony VISA Dual Currency Credit Card (Personal Card):

First step, the customers make on-line shop at overseas merchants with logos of "Verified by Visa" or "Verified by Visa VISA". When the shopping is finished and payed by VISA Dual Currency Credit Card, the merchant would confirm whether the customer's account has opened ICBC "Verified by Visa" services.

Second step, if not, ICBC system would guide the customer to open the service by his/herself.

Third step, if the service has been already opened, then a verification window would pop up and the customer may check for the "confidential information" appeared, and input payment password to finish verified payment after unmistakable verification.

1. In the verification, you need to confirm whether the "confidential information" is the same as your designated contents. If it is, the on-line merchant is secure; if not, please end the payment immediately and contact ICBC customer service centre as soon as possible.
2. If you forget your passwords during your shopping, you could click on the button of "forgetting the password", then the system would turn to ICBC on-line bank website automatically, and you may get back your original payment password through imputing the "reminding information". Or you could log in ICBC's website directly, and change your password at the "Personal Internet Banking Log-in" column.
3. In order to secure your password, if the password input errors are accumulated over six times in one day, the account would be locked and automatically unlocked the next day.

Note: Information provided on this page is for your reference only. The specific details should be subject to the business operation process as well as the announcements and stipulations at your local bank outlet.ICBC reserves the right of final interpretation.

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