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Baby Growth Card

☆ Description
"Baby Growth Card" is a thematic card for the parents and their children under age including infants, kids, teenagers, secondary or primary students. It is a family-based card issued in the form of "Baby Card + Daddy Card + Mammy Card".

☆ Design Concepts
The card can help educate the children in spending and using the money wisely. The parents can use the "Baby Growth Card" to teach their kids what is money, how to use bank card and financial services, thus helping them establish correct views on the money, values and society.
Moreover, this card can help cultivate a sense of responsibility. The parents can accumulate the growth fund and plan the educate spending, a way to show their great parental devotion and responsibility to the family.
The card can help educate the children to have a loving and thankful heart. When the children grow up and start their own family, this "Baby Growth Card" is the best gift showing their growth path. The card is a telling reminder to thank for the parents and society, return the favor and serve the motherland with more sense of duty.

☆ Functions
One card, multiple functions. The card can be used for personal banking such as savings and wealth management, transfer/remittance, spending with card and self services at ICBC outlets, ATM, POS, self-service terminals, internet Banking, telephone banking, mobile banking, ATM or POS labeled with UnionPay overseas.
Growth Fund. The money in Daddy Card and Mammy Card can be automatically deposited into the Baby Card on a regular basis. In this way, the parents can accumulate the growth fund for their children, at the same time of educating their children to deposit pocket money, New Year red-packet money or scholarship into the card and to form a habit of saving money.
Growth Commemoration*. Many supporting products and services like customization of card face, special precious metal products, greeting cards, flash commemorative cards, electronic photo frame are to record the bits and pieces as the child grows. This is a very precious memoir to all the good memories of the family.
Return Love. When the child starts working, he/she can use this card to automatically deposit the money into the Daddy Card and Mammy Card on a regular basis to help them live without worry and show their love and responsibility to the parents.
Study Assistant. When the child is studying away from home, the card offers a host of services such as transfer/remittance, tuition payment, credit certification, foreign exchange purchase for overseas study, foreign exchange remittance, witness account opening, tax rebate for overseas spending, a great help and a good companion for the child to realize his/her study dream.
Note: The launch of products and services with * is subject to ICBC's announcement.

The above is for reference only. Details refer to the rules drawn up by local ICBC branch. To save your time, please call your local ICBC before applying for the service.
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