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Personal Credit Loan

☆ Introduction
RMB credit loan released by ICBC to borrowers with good credit track record. No guarantee is required.

☆ Features
Loan amount and loan tenure: start at RMB 10,000, Loan tenure can be up to three years.
Revolving Loan: apply once, use revolvingly, borrow and repay anytime, fast and convenient. Loan can be drawn by borrower himself/herself via merchant POS or Internet Banking.

☆ Application Conditions
1. Chinese citizen with full civil capacity, aged between 18 (inclusive) and 60 (inclusive).
2. Proof of legal and valid identity and permanent residency in the area where the loan is applied (or valid proof of residence).
3. Stable source of income and ability to repay principal and interest of loan in full on time.
4. Good credibility and sincerity to repay; no act of violations, no bad record.
5. Risk level of class-B (inclusive) or above in ICBC's internal rating system on retail banking.
6. A customer of four-star (inclusive) or above among the existing ICBC customers.
7. Personal settlement A/C opened in ICBC.
8. Other conditions stipulated by ICBC.

Apart from the above, borrowers should meet one of the following conditions:
(1) Mid/high-level management and senior professionals in ICBC's high-quality corporate or institutional clients. Among them, clients using ICBC payroll service must be full-time employees serving for at least three years, or military/paramilitary officials with Major rank or above.
(2) A customer of ICBC Private Banking, wealth management, Peony Platinum Card or Elite Club Account. Borrower using Elite Club Account must hold the ICBC Elite Club Account Card for 1 year (inclusive) or longer, and value of financial assets under the name of the borrower in previous 12 months must reach RMB 200,000 (inclusive) or above on daily average balance in every quarter.
(3) Apply personal loans without any pledge of RMB 1 million (inclusive) or above, no overdue records (including settled loans) in recent two consecutive years.
(4) Net asset (immovable property and financial assets) of the borrower and family of RMB 3 million (inclusive) or above, hold financial assets of RMB 500,000 (inclusive) or above on daily average for recent continuous six months.
(5) Top personal customers of other banks with eligibility criteria equivalent to ICBC Private Banking, wealth management or Peony Platinum Card or above.
(6) Annual personal pre-tax income of RMB 200,000 (inclusive) or above.

☆ Application Documentation
1. Identity document and certificate of marital status of the borrower and spouse (marriage certificate, divorce certificate or statement of unmarried status).
2. Borrower's proof of permanent residency (permanent residency booklet or other valid proof of residence).
3. Borrower's proof of income and job profession.
4. Certificate/statement of loan purpose, borrowers warrant that not to invest the loan in securities market, futures market, for real estate development or equity capital investment, or use the loan to acquire illicit income;
5. Borrowers also meeting the condition (1) must submit proof of employment in the company or professional technical class certificate issued by the related government department. Borrowers who work in the company using ICBC payroll service must submit the employment contract signed with the company.
6. Borrowers also meeting the conditions (2)-(5) must supply all the accounts under their own name, vouchers of financial assets and proof of property ownership.
7. Borrowers meeting the condition (6) must supply the voucher of personal income tax payment in recent 12 months issued by the regional tax department.
8. Other documentation required by ICBC.

The above is for reference only. Details refer to the rules drawn up by local ICBC branch. To save your time, please call your local ICBC before applying for the service.

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