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Open Wealth Community

☆ Introduction
Open Wealth Community refers to the wealth management zone created by the Bank via mobile banking for all personal customers. It includes two major areas (corporate and personal), three major pages of wealth tab entrance, ICBC research & selection and wealth community, four major services of investor education publicity, product research & selection, investment companionship and marketing activities, and five dream plans of wealth beginner, wealth influencer, baby, elder and wage-earner. It provides you with the exclusive experience of full journey companionship, housekeeping service, professional recommendation, value investment and one-stop transaction.

☆ Characteristic Advantages
Research the market to conform to the trend! We select market data, industry research reports and other information to provide you with timely professional analysis on macro-economy, market sentiment, asset allocation, industry movement and other aspects, and interview with industry leaders to closely track market hot spots and changes, so as to help you keep a clear mind and make reasonable choices.
Choose the best products! We carry out label characterization, combine quantitative and qualitative methods to carry out product evaluation, quickly locate products with long-term investment value among thousands of wealth products, build a selected product pool, and achieve dynamic adjustment and optimization through sustained performance tracking and risk monitoring.
Make intelligent recommendation to adapt to your changes! Whether you are a wealth influencer or wealth management beginner, whether you are a wage-earner working hard all day without time to take care of other things, or you have retired after success and enjoy the leisurely years, we have a deep insight into your needs, recommend asset allocation based on your risk appetite and help you choose the right products.
Constantly conduct intelligent diagnosis! We are committed to evaluating the health of wealth for each customer, analyzing investment profits and losses, measuring the return and risk resistance of held products, the cost performance of investment and the management ability of fund managers, and helping you adjust your portfolio in time.
Intelligent diagnosis accompanies you with love! We rely on the powerful financial technology to build a palm wealth manager and accompany every customer’s wealth growth with love.

☆ Operation guide
By registering and logging into ICBC mobile banking, you can visit Wealth Community and enjoy community services.

☆ Frequently asked questions
If you cannot access Wealth Community, please update your mobile banking to the latest version.

☆ Attention
Wealth Community content does not constitute investment suggestion. The historical performance of products does not indicate the future trend. Thus, investors should make independent decisions at their own risks. As investment is risky, please keen cautious.

The above is for reference only. Details refer to the rules drawn up by local ICBC branch. To save your time, please call your local ICBC before applying for the service.
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