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Personal Consolidated Bonus Point Service

☆ Introduction
In order to reward the long-term support and trust from the personal customers, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China has launched the personal consolidated bonus point service since 2013, combining the original debit card consolidated bonus points of personal customers and credit card bonus points (excluding Baifuzhang bonus points and co-branded bonus points) into "personal consolidated bonus points".

☆ Target Client
Customers holding the debit cards and credit cards (excluding Baifuzhang card and co-branded credit cards) with the Bank can participate in the activity of bonus points. Baifuzhang bonus points and co-branded credit card bonus points are excluded from the activity. See the specific regulations of relevant credit cards for details.

☆ Features
1. Accounts are unified without further application. No application is required for the bonus point accounts. The accounts are unified nationwide. Any debit cards and credit cards of the Bank can be used to participate in the activity.
2. There are extensive exchange channels for convenient use. You can use the bonus points to exchange for other products or offset part of the consumption amount in "ICBC Mall" and offline merchants with a full range of products for exchange.
3. The bonus point account can collect and exchange points across different regions.

☆ Accumulation Rules of the Bonus Points
The consumption via the debit cards and credit cards with the Bank (including the consumption in local currency and foreign currencies) that meet the collection conditions of bonus points can accumulate certain bonus points. One bonus point is accumulated for every RMB1 spent (the part less than RMB1 is rounded off and the consumption in foreign currencies will be calculated upon the translation into RMB with the formula of USD1 = RMB6.5, EUR1 = RMB8. The Bank will adjust the foreign currency translation rate according to the changes of exchange rate).

☆ Activity Rules of the Bonus Points
Appendix: Rules for Personal consolidated Bonus Points of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Chinese version)

☆ Exchange Channels of Bonus Points
1. Exchange of "ICBC Mall" bonus points: The bonus points can be used to offset the payment for products proportionally in designated merchants of "ICBC Mall".
2. Bonus point consumption: The bonus points can be used to directly exchange for designated products, vouchers or payment for consumption proportionally on POS when consuming in the designated cooperative merchants.

☆ Inquiry for Bonus Points
You can inquire about the bonus points by the following methods: Inquire the balance and breakdown of bonus points via the bank counters, online banking, telephone banking, mobile banking, SMS banking, self-service terminals and ICBC Mall.

☆ Validity Period of Bonus Points
The validity period for the personal consolidated bonus points is 5 years since the date of collection (calculated in calendar year). The bonus points collected before December 31 (inclusive) are calculated as the bonus points of the first year and can be exchanged before December 30 in the fifth year (inclusive). The specific validity period shall be subject to the rules of bonus points in the latest announcement of the Bank. The personal consolidated bonus points overdue will be cleared.

The above is for reference only. Details refer to the rules drawn up by local ICBC branch. To save your time, please call your local ICBC before applying for the service.
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