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All-in-one Current Account

☆ Introduction
All-in-one Current Account is a comprehensive current savings for multiple currency types; it can be used to deposit and withdraw both in RMB and foreign currencies.

☆ Features
1. The financial information is crystal clear to make it convenient for reconciliation and account maintenance.
2. "All-in-one Current Account" comes with the full functions of current savings for both RMB and foreign currencies. When opening an "All-in-one Current Account", customers must set their passwords in advance.
3. Intra-city deposits and withdrawals. All-in-one Current Account can be used to deposit and withdraw funds at any banking outlet inside the city where the account was opened.
4. Convenient fee payments. Customers can designate the "All-in-one Current Account" as the one to pay utilities such as water, power, and communications fees, etc to save both time and worry.
5. Telephone Banking and Internet Banking can be opened.
6. Convenient transfer or remittance.

☆ Service channel
1. Account opening: banking outlets.
2. Withdrawal: banking outlets.
3. Inquiries: Internet Banking, Telephone Banking, and self-service terminals.

☆ Operation Guide
Customers need to go to banking outlets with valid IDs to apply for opening All-in-one Current Accounts. If the customers entrust other people to open the accounts for them, the entrusted agents are required to provide their own IDs at the same time.

The above is for reference only. Details refer to the rules drawn up by local ICBC branch. To save your time, please call your local ICBC before applying for the service.
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