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Personal Jointly Account

☆ Introduction
Personal Jointly Account (Jointly Account for short) is a kind of RMB and foreign currency fixed deposit or current deposit service of ICBC, which can be opened by 2 to 5 (inclusive) personal customers co-managing the business funds or family property in order to realize the fund co-management.
Jointly account has RMB and foreign currency deposit settlement account (Current Account for short) or lump fixed deposit account (Fixed Account for short) under Elite Club Account Card or ICBC Money Link Card (Operation Card for short).

☆ Features
1.Jointly Account is a kind of e-account linked with your operation card. By using operation card, card password and the serial number of sub-account related to the Jointly Account, you can conveniently operate the jointly account.
2. ICBC will provide two ways of money withdrawal of Jointly Account: together transaction and authorized transaction. Joint transaction refers to that all holders of the jointly account handle at ICBC office together with their own operation cards. Authorized transaction refers to that authorized holder himself/herself can deal with the service with his/her operation card within the accumulated withdrawal limitation authorized through ICBC banking outlet, E-Banking or ATM.

☆ Service Channel
Designated ICBC banking outlet, E-Banking and ATM.

☆ Operation Guide
1. Open a Jointly Account
All jointly account holders shall fill in the Personal Jointly Account Opening/Alternation Application and co-sign the Personal Jointly Account Manage Agreement at ICBC banking outlet with their own valid identity certificates and the local operation cards.
2. Cancel a Jointly Account
All jointly account holders shall apply for the business at ICBC banking outlet with their own operation cards. As to cancellation of account involving amount over RMB 50, 000 or equivalent foreign currency over USD 10,000 US, and advance cancellation of the fixed account, the valid identity certificates of all jointly account holders must be provided.
3. Renew a Jointly Account
The current account can be renewed. Each holder can solely renew through ICBC banking outlet by his/her operation card.
4. Withdraw Money from Jointly Account
(1) There is only one way to withdraw fund from fixed jointly account and must withdraw all fund from the account in one time. There are two ways to withdraw fund from current account: together transaction and authorized transaction.
(2) The fund of current account with authorized transaction can be withdrawn in  different cities.
5. Change and Inquire the Jointly Account
(1) The holders of current jointly account can change the partial content of jointly account agreed when opening. The changeable content includes the fund withdrawal method and accumulated limitation of withdrawal authorized by ICBC.
(2) Any jointly account holders can inquire about the customer information and account information with his/her operation card through ICBC banking outlet, E-Banking and ATM.

☆ Helpful Tips
1.While opening a jointly account and signing an agreement, the holders of jointly account must clearly record the owing method of the common account fund, i.e. the possession manner and share of each holder. The method of jointly account fund can be regarded as a base to deal with the dispute about the fund in jointly account.
2. As to deposit/withdrawal operation with single transaction over RMB 50,000 or the equivalent foreign currency over USD 10,000, you must provide your valid identity certificate, if you relegate it to other people, the deputy must provided his/her valid identity certificate.
3. If one of the jointly account holders reports the loss of operation card, the other jointly account holders can solely handle the jointly account business which can be handled separately.
4. If one of the jointly account holders has signed a service agreement of  "balance change reminder"  or "personal integrating account check"  for his (her) operation card, ICBC will automatically offer corresponding service for him (her).
5. When you apply for the jointly account service through E-Banking, you must abide by the regulations, transaction rules and related management methods of ICBC E-Banking.

The above is for reference only. Details refer to the rules drawn up by local ICBC branch. To save your time, please call your local ICBC before applying for the service.
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