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Self-service Bill Payment

☆ Introduction
Self-service Bill Payment is a service offered by ICBC to pay fees of yours or other one's such as mobile fee, telephone, water, and electricity through E-Banking.

☆ Features
This is a 24 hours * 7 service. Money is accurately paid into target account normally. The payment for nationwide or local services can be chosen by you, and inquiry for online payment details for all kinds of nationwide services ICBC represented can be made.

☆ Service Channel
Personal Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, and Telephone Banking.

☆ Application Conditions
1. To make the online payment via internet bank, you'll have to register as a Personal Internet Banking customer.
2. You may pay your or other people's telephone or mobile phone bills by short message after registered Mobile Banking (SMS) service. At present, only Beijing customers can be served, the other areas' service will start gradually, please inquire local ICBC branches for the details.
3. You may use ICBC Money Link Card, Elite Club Account card to register ICBC telephone banking service, and make a payment. If you have not registered telephone banking, you may use Deposit-Book Account to make the payment.

☆ Helpful Tips
1. Registration card is not restricted if the card has authority to make outward transfer when you are making bill payments.
2. Customer without USB-Shield (personal customer certificate) has online payment limitations. Please check Personal Internet Banking Transaction Rules for details. USB-Shield customer with a "transaction limit" (no need to use certificate to sign transaction) set is allowed to pay without using certificate while the online payment amount is under this limitation, only the payment beyond the limitation requests certificate and signature.
3. To make an online payment by international card, the trading area should be the international card's issuing place, and the credit limit can be used for the payment. This function is only available in RMB balance.
4. Money is accurately paid into target account normally. Call 95588 if there is something wrong.
5. While using Mobile Banking payment, ICBC will deduct from the account of default payment card registered under Mobile Banking (SMS). Daily cumulative payment cannot be over RMB 1,000. Payment will be void if short message cannot be sent to "95588" within 24 hours.
6. If you need an invoice, please go to print it at an ICBC banking outlet or self-service devices.
7. Payment functions of ICBC telephone banking in different provinces and cities are different. Please call customer service hotline 95588 of local ICBC for details.
8. Non-registered telephone banking customer can pay bill by Telephone Banking, but is restricted by maximum limitation which is set differently by ICBC in different places. Please inquire details from local 95588.
9. Credit card cannot be used for bill payment by Telephone Banking.
10. Payment amount will be deducted from basic account of registration card by Telephone Banking.

The above is for reference only. Details refer to the rules drawn up by local ICBC branch. To save your time, please call your local ICBC before applying for the service.
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