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Smart Money Planner

☆ Introduction
Based on your current balance sheet, future income statement and risk preference, ICBC's wealth management team will re-allocate your assets and utilize your fortune, helping you better manage your wealth and realize your financial and life target.

☆ Features
1. Expert Team with Expertised Service. ICBC has an experienced wealth management team comprising account managers, wealth management experts and financial advisers. With the largest number of account managers with AFP certificate in the banking sector, the team is capable of providing professional wealth planning service.
2. Rich variety of finance products. Include: treasury bond, fund, securities, insurance, F/X trading, gold trading Professional ICBC customer managers will recommend the right product with a plan to make your investment a success.
3. Timely information. ICBC finance team will keep you informed on the news in investment markets of F/X, insurance, securities, gold. They hold seminars on such topics once in a while. They will discuss with you face to face on skills, misleading areas, market movement and answer your questions. ICBC also hold regular online forums on different topics for you, finance experts and other customers to exchange ideas in the virtual world.

☆ Service Channel
All ICBC Finance Centers.

☆ Operation Guide
Please come to ICBC Finance Centers at your place or call your customer manager for details.

☆ Helpful Tips
1. Review my assets, including deposit, future income and expected expense; clarify how much money can be managed. This is the fundamental.
2. Know my target; understand what I want, what kind of life and objectives that I want to achieve. This should be a quantitative objective with amount and time.
3. Know clearly what my risk preference is; do not make assumptions on risk preferences without considering any situation. E.g.: some customers dump all the money in stock market because of own preference in riskier investment tool. No consideration on parents, children, nor family responsibility. At this moment, his risk preference deviates from what he can take.
4. Allocate asset strategically, determine how to distribute personal and family asset based on the above. Adjust cash flow to reach objective or change those unrealistic goals. Ex: how much should go into savings, how much for buying fund or insurance. After the allocation, then think of investment steps; choose an investment product and the opportunity to invest.
5. Track the performance. Market is changing unceasingly, so does financial situation and future income level of each of us. Hence it is necessary to do a performance review on investment and adjust the planning continuously. Only in this way that you can reach a level of secure financials, increased asset value and freedom of money.

The above is for reference only. Details refer to the rules drawn up by local ICBC branch. To save your time, please call your local ICBC before applying for the service.
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