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Guide to Cross-border Personal Financial Services


With the deepening of China’s internationalization, more and more Chinese residents are travelling abroad. Are you ready for your trip? Are you planning to go abroad for study, emigration, investment, commerce and trade, employment or travel?

“ICBC Travels with You”. ICBC offers “one-stop” financial services for you, covering all stages from your preparation, uses of funds, staying abroad to conversion of foreign exchange into RMB, so that you can enjoy our trustful, professional and attentive services wherever you are.

During your preparation of money and visa for your overseas study, employment, living or travel, ICBC offers top services for your investment and financing and application for credit certificate. Services include:
1. Providing you with personal pledge loan, mortgage loan and overseas study loan to supplement your travel funds.
2. Providing you with credit certificate to prove your financial status to the embassy (consulate).
3. Recommending and contacting agencies of education, emigration, investment, commerce and trade, employment and travel.

☆Uses of Funds
If you need to apply for outward remittance for overseas study, emigration, investment, commerce and trade, ICBC can offer you with convenient cross-border remittance and transfer in multi-currency by virtue of its leading foreign exchange remittance and clearing systems, wide service network and plenty of correspondents in China and abroad. Exchange services include: personal purchases of foreign exchange, ICBC Express, telegraphic transfer, draft remittance, “Money Gram” and Permit for Carrying Foreign Exchanges to Exit the Territory. Besides, domestic ICBC institutions can help you open bank accounts abroad in advance for you to remit and use funds there.

☆Staying Abroad
When you are abroad, ICBC’s over 400 overseas branches will offer one-stop financial services to make you at ease. Services available at ICBC overseas branches include deposit/withdrawal, application for bank cards, remittance, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, wealth management, securities transaction. Also, ICBC works with well-known insurance companies to provide overseas emergency assistance and medical insurance for you 24 hours a day.

☆Inward Remittance
If you need to remit foreign exchange (earned or left from overseas study, investment, commerce and trade or employment) to China, ICBC will provide convenient and highly-efficient services for you through its global service network. The available services include ICBC Express and other services of personal cross-border remittance, pre-settlement remittance, clean collection, duty refund for overseas consumption and personal exchange settlement.

The above is for reference only. Details refer to the rules drawn up by local ICBC branch. To save your time, please call your local ICBC before applying for the service.
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