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Current Deposit

☆ Introduction
1. The current deposit refers to a service without any deposit term limitations that cash deposits and withdraws can be made at bank counters, bank self-service equipments with bank card,passbook or reserved password during bank business hours.
2. The minimum deposit amount of RMB current deposit is RMB1.00, and the minimum deposit amount of foreign currency current deposit is not less the value of foreign current that is equivalent to RMB20.00.

☆ Features
1. Nationwide deposits and withdrawals: Customers can deposit and withdraw RMB cash at ICBC banking outlets and self-service equipments nationwide with their bank cards; the passbooks with reserved passwords can deposit and withdraw cash at ICBC intra-city banking outlets. Customers can also conduct redeposit service without bank cards (and passbooks) intra-city-wide.
2. Funds flexibility: customers can withdraw whenever they need some cash, which shows high funds circulations.
3. Fee payment convenience: customers can set a current deposit account as a fee payment account, and the bank will automatically pay various daily fees on the customers' behalf.

Deposit Interest Rates
Interest accrued on personal RMB current deposit is calculated at the rate quoted on the settlement date and shall be credited to the account every three months, on the 20th of the last month of each quarter. The clearing of account before settlement date shall render the interest accrued to one day before the clearing, at the rate quoted on the clearing date.

Interest for personal RMB current deposit shall be accrued aggregately on actual deposit days.

☆ Service channel
1. Account opening: banking outlets.
2. Deposit: banking outlets, ATM and Cash Deposit Machine.
3. Withdrawal: banking outlets and ATM.
4. Inquiries: banking outlets, ATM, Telephone Banking, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, and self-service terminals.

☆ Operation Guide
1. Account opening
Customers need to go to ICBC banking outlets with their valid IDs to open current deposit accounts.
The valid IDs are: (1) The Chinese who are more than 16 years old and live China need to show residential IDs or temporary IDs. Military personnel, armed police who haven't received resident IDs can show military personnel and armed police IDs. The overseas Chinese who live in or out China need to show Chinese passports. (2) The Chinese who are less than 16 years old and live in China need to open the accounts through their guardians with showing guardians' valid ID and account user's residential ID or resident registration booklet. (3) The residents from Hong Kong and Macao, the Special Administration Regions of China, need to show the Hong Kong and Macao residents' permits to entry China mainland; Taiwan residents need to show passes to entry China mainland or other valid travel documents. (4) Foreign citizens need to show passports or alien permanent registration card (foreigners living a border area need to follow the rules stipulated by border trading settlement). In addition to legally valid ID mentioned above, bank is authorized to demand depositors to show resident registration booklets, passports, employee's cards, motor vehicle driving licenses, social security cards, public affair bills, student cards, letters of introduction, and other valid ID or certification documents that can certify bearers valid status. For the depositors who are not included in above four clauses, the account opening will be processed based on China's laws and associated regulations defined by state regulatory institutions. If account opening is entrusted to other people, the entrusted agents need to show their own ID at the same time.
2. Deposit
You can just go to ICBC banking outlets to deposit with your various bank cards or passbooks issued by ICBC. You can also deposit without cards or passbooks if you can provide the bank card or passbook numbers of yourself or other people (you need to show your ID for this case).
3. Withdrawal
You can just go to ICBC banking outlets to withdraw with your bank cards or passbooks, if the withdrawal amount is more than RMB 200,000 (including RMB 200,000), a one-day ahead appointment is needed to be made with withdrawal outlet. The highest withdrawal amount in a same day is RMB 20,000 if the withdrawals are made at ATM with bank cards (excluding credit cards and international debit cards).

The above is for reference only. Details refer to the rules drawn up by local ICBC branch. To save your time, please call your local ICBC before applying for the service.
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