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RMB Installment Fixed Deposit

☆ Introduction
RMB Installment Fixed Deposit refers to the service that customers deposit a fixed amount of funds on a monthly basis and withdraw both principals and interests at one time on the maturity day.

☆ Minimum deposit amount and deposit terms
The minimum deposit amount is RMB5.00 and there is no upper limit. The terms are one year, three years, and five years respectively. The deposit amounts are set by customers themselves, and deposit will be made on a monthly basis.

☆ Features
1. Making many a little become a miracle to bring up financing habit.
2. Withdrawals can be made ahead of maturity day.
3. The funds can be re-deposited according to the set terms on maturity day.
4. The funds can be used to pledge loans.

Deposit interest rates
The interests will be paid according to the different deposit terms of installment fixed deposit interest rates announced at the day when the deposit was made. The interests of fixed deposit will be cleared up when the principals are gone; the interests will not be calculated in different interest timeframes even if there are some interest rate adjustments.
If customers missed one deposit within the deposit term, the missed one can be made up in the next month; it will be treated as breaches if customers didn't make up the missed deposits or the times of missing monthly deposit are more than once. The interests of deposits made after the breaches will be paid by current deposit interests.
Interest for personal instalment fixed deposit shall be accrued aggregately.

☆ Service channel
1. Account opening: banking outlets.
2. Cash redeposit: banking outlets and Cash Deposit Machine.
3. Changing from current deposits to the installment fixed deposits: banking outlets, ATM, and Internet Banking.
4. Cash withdrawal: banking outlets and ATM.
5. Changing from installment fixed deposits to current deposits: banking outlets, ATM, and Internet Banking.
6. Inquiries: banking outlets, Telephone Banking, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, ATM, and self-service terminals.

☆ Operation Guide
1. Account opening: customers need to go to banking outlets with valid IDs to apply for opening installment fixed deposit accounts. If the customers entrust other people to open the accounts for them, the entrusted agents are required to provide their own IDs at the same time.
2. Redeposit: customers can redeposit at banking outlets, and they can also redeposit at Internet Banking via funds transfers from current deposit accounts.
3. Withdrawal: customers can just go to ICBC banking outlets to withdraw with your bank cards or passbooks, if the withdrawal amount is more than RMB 200,000 (including RMB 200,000), a one-day ahead appointment is needed to make with withdrawal outlet.

The above is for reference only. Details refer to the rules drawn up by local ICBC branch. To save your time, please call your local ICBC before applying for the service.
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