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Personal Pledge Loan

☆ Introduction
Personal financial asset pledged loan (hereinafter referred to as “personal pledge loan”) refers to a RMB loan obtained by the borrower from the Bank for legal and compliant consumption or business purposes through the legal and valid pledges that meet the conditions specified by the Bank. The pledges can be deposits, wealth management products, insurance policies, funds, bonds, account trading products and savings funds.
Notes: The loan funds should be used for the purpose stipulated in the loan contract, and should not flow into the real estate (including the development of real estate projects and housing purchase), securities market and futures market in any form, or be used for equity production, lending, purchase of wealth management products and other projects that are explicitly prohibited in national laws and regulations. If the loan funds are misappropriated for other purposes, the Bank has the right to announce the early maturity of the loan, recover the principal and interest of the loan, reduce the credit line, incorporate relevant information into the Bank’s database, or take other measures set forth in the loan contract, and hold the borrower legally accountable. Relevant impact and corresponding losses arising therefrom should be assumed by the borrower.

☆ Features
1. Diversified pledges: The pledges can be time deposits, wealth management products, funds, insurance policies, bonds, precious metals and other financial assets.
2. Self-service application: It supports the whole-process self-service operations such as loan application, contract printing, online drawdown and online repayment via internet banking and mobile banking.
3. Convenient and fast: The loan is automatically approved, and the drawdown process is simple.
4. Wide range of use: It supports legitimate and compliant business and consumption purposes at the same time, and can meet the need for drawing down a small amount of money immediately.
5. Flexible term: The drawdown period is between 8 days and one year to meet the demand for short-term use and capital turnover.
6. Convenient repayment: The repayment can be made by means of free capital or pledge.

☆ Conditions for application
1. Applicants should be natural persons with full civil capacity, and aged between 18 (inclusive) and 70 (inclusive). 
2. They should have strong repayment willingness, without bad credit records.
3. They should have the ICBC debit card that is registered over the counter of the Bank/added with e-banking and provided with pledges without passbook (note or voucher) meeting relevant regulations under the account card.
4. They should have opened a personal settlement account with the Bank.
5. They should have acquired U shield or electronic password device from the Bank.
6. They should meet other conditions stipulated by the Bank.

☆ Minimum interest rate
The interest rates on the personal pledge loans should not be lower than LPR with the corresponding term.

The above is for reference only. Details refer to the rules drawn up by local ICBC branch. To save your time, please call your local ICBC before applying for the service.
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