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ICBC (USA) NRA Account Opening Witnessed by ICBC China Branches

The ICBC (USA) Witness Account Opening Program is the service that you can apply the ICBC (USA) account via witness by ICBC China Branches. Through this service, you can establish an account relationship with THE BANK, apply for debit card and check book that are associated with this account, access to internet banking and wire transfer service even before you arrive at U.S. You can self-register online banking via www.icbc-us.com and manage your account from there. We also provide both English and Chinese service, it is very convenient.
1. You can wire your funds in once account us opened, avoiding carry much cash for easy and safe traveling.
2. No international wire transfer fees when you wire your money via ICBC China Mobile app.
3. Language and culture barrier free service. You can be provided services in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese at any branch of THE BANK.

☆ Applicable Customers
An individual customer who has already obtained the U.S. visa, aiming at studying or working in USA.

☆ Qualification of applicant
The applicant should be 18 years old or above could apply for opening ICBC (USA) checking account. Applicants must apply and submit application in person.

☆ How to apply
Download Witness Account Opening Application
1. Please click to download the witness account opening application and print when you complete the form.
2. Please contact designated ICBC China Branches or call 24/7 ICBC China customer service hotline 95588 for inquiry or make an appointment for the business accordingly. Please make sure you bring below documents for account opening and avoid any back and forth.
√ Valid passport with US visa
√ Valid Chinese ID
√ Offer Letter (Student only)
√ I-20 Form (Student only)
√ Provide any of the documents, such as Student ID、School Registration Confirmation、Payment Receipt or any official documents issued by the school
In addition, please be noted:
• If your current address is different from the one presented on Chinese ID, you should provide the proof of residency (Bank Statement within 90 days, Electronic bill, or phone bill, etc.)
• We require a proof of U.S. address upon your arrival to USA prior to mailing debt card or checkbook to verified address. Address proof could be utility bills or lease agreement.

☆ FAQs
1. What's the greatest benefits of ICBC (USA)student checking account.
No international wire transfer fees if you wire money via ICBC China Mobile app to ICBC (USA)Account; No ATM access fees if you maintain average daily balance of $1,000 ,we will pay back any fees you have been charged at non-ICBC (USA) ATMs by each end of the month.
2. Can I choose to mail debit card or checkbook to my US address?
Yes. If you already have US address, please provide your address proof, such as utility bills, lease agreement, we will mail the card to you.If you do not have US address yet, your card and checkbook will be mailed to our branches, you can come and pick up in person or contact us for mailing.
3. When can I receive my debit card and checkbook?
Normally, debit card will mail to ICBC (USA)branches with 10 business days and we will mail you around 3-5 business days if you do not pick up the card from our branches.
4. How to register online banking and mobile banking?
Once your account is opened, you can go to www.icbc-us.com for online account enrollment.A verification code will be sent to the email or phone number that you provided at account opening. Simply enter the verification code and it will lead you to set up user name and password. Once you done, you will be able to use online banking.ICBC (USA) do not have any medium (i.e. U key) for registration and transactions. Once your online banking enrollment is done, you can go to App Store or Google Play and searching "ICBC Mobile Banking" to download mobile app, we provide both English and Chinese interface for your convenience.
5. Can student apply credit cards?
Yes.But extra documents are required, e.g.recent 3 months bank statements.So open ICBC (USA)account via witness account opening program and funds in earlier will help you build up U.S.credit history and make credit card approval easily.
6. How do I activate my debit card?
Go to www.icbc-us.com and click "Personal Debit Card Activation" under tab "Highlights", then follow the steps to enter relevant information to complete the activation process.
7. Can a visiting scholar do witness account opening?
Yes, your Visa should be valid over half year.
8. Can I pay tuition fees if I do not receive my debit card?
Yes. Once you account is opened, you can pay your tuition or other expenses right away, you don't have to wait until your debit card is received.
9. When can I make wire transfer into the bank account?
Once you received your account confirmation letter, you can wire money to the account right away, and you are able to manage your account via online banking. We recommend you to wire in money to the account within 60 days from the date your account is opened, or we reserve the right to close your account without notice.
10. International wire transfer from China to ICBC(USA) Account, please provide following information to the banks in China.

SWIFT format

Information provided by remitter

Intermediary Bank 56:

Bank Name

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China New York Branch







Beneficiary Bank 57:

Bank Name

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China USA N.A.

SWIFT code


Beneficiary 59:

account No.

Beneficiary account No.


Beneficiary's full name

Beneficiary address

Detailed beneficiary address

The above is for reference only. Details refer to the rules drawn up by local ICBC branch. To save your time, please call your local ICBC before applying for the service.
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