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Seoul Branch

ICBC Seoul Branch ("Seoul Branch") was established in 1997. Since its inception, Seoul Branch offers unique local products and services in the Korean financial service market under the localization policy, leveraging the China-Korea trade and economic ties and the support from branches in China and overseas. Seoul Branch has achieved continual and healthy growth in all businesses.

(I) Deposit Services
Two types of deposits offered: current deposit and fixed deposit, in US dollar or Korean won. Deposit period for fixed deposit can be one month, three months, six months and one year. No banking charges for cash deposit/withdrawal by account in Korean won. For FX account, 1.5% of the amount deposited/withdrawn is collected as the fee.

(II) Remittance Services
1. Remittance from China to Seoul Branch
At the "receiving A/C No." fill in the payee's 19-digit A/C No. in Seoul Branch. FX remittance to Seoul Branch can be credited into FX current A/C. If credited into Korean won account, the remittance has to be converted into Korean won at the rate of real-time buy price.
When sending remittance from China to Seoul Branch account, fill in Seoul Branch's SWIFT CODE: ICBKKRSEXXX.
2. Remittance transfer
If your account opening bank in Korea is a Korean bank, you can forward the remittance via Seoul Branch.
3. Remittance from Seoul Branch to accounts of other banks
Two remittance services offered by Seoul Branch: USD remittance and remittance settled in advance. Customers use Korean won or US dollar on hand to apply for remittance at the Seoul Branch. Receiving currency can be RMB or USD.
When sending remittance, use your identity document (valid passport for Chinese citizen), and in the application form fill in receiving bank, beneficiary name (Chinese),  beneficiary's account number, ID card and contact number.
Remittance limit in Korea: for foreigners (use passport), up to USD 50,000 or equivalent per person every year.
Limit for the amount received from remittance settled in advance: for beneficiary, up to USD 50,000 or equivalent every year per person. The beneficiary for remittance settled in advance must be Chinese resident.

(III) Service Hotline, Website and Hours
Seoul Branch's customer service hotline: (0082) 2-755-5688
Seoul Branch's website: www.icbckr.co.kr
Seoul Branch's service hours: Monday to Friday 9:30(AM) - 16:30(PM) (closed on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays)

(IV) Address
Industrial & Commercial Bank of China Limited, Seoul Branch
Add: 16th Floor, Taepeongno Bldg., #310 Taepeongno2-ga,
Jung-gu, Seoul,100-767, Korea

The above is for reference only. Details refer to the rules drawn up by local ICBC branch. To save your time, please call your local ICBC before applying for the service.
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