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Personal Housing Mortgaged Consumption and Business Portfolio Loan

☆ Introduction
Personal housing mortgaged consumption and business portfolio loan refers to a RMB loan that the borrower applies to the lender for personal legal and compliant consumption or business purposes by means of real estate mortgage.
Notes: The loan funds should be used for the purpose stipulated in the loan contract, and should not flow into the real estate (including the development of real estate projects and housing purchase), securities market and futures market in any form, or be used for equity production, lending, purchase of wealth management products and other projects that are explicitly prohibited in national laws and regulations. If the loan funds are misappropriated for other purposes, the Bank has the right to announce the early maturity of the loan, recover the principal and interest of the loan, reduce the credit line, incorporate relevant information into the Bank’s database, or take other measures set forth in the loan contract, and hold the borrower legally accountable. Relevant impact and corresponding losses arising therefrom should be assumed by the borrower.

☆ Features
1. Wide range of uses: It can be used for legitimate and compliant business and consumption purposes. Self-payment for consumption needs of less than RMB300,000 and business needs of less than RMB500,000 is available.
2. High credit line: Maximum amounts should not exceed RMB2 million and RMB10 million for consumption and business purposes respectively. Total amount should not surpass RMB12 million.
3. Long term: Up to 10 years.
4. Easy repayment: Equal monthly installment, monthly equal principal, interest repayment and principal installment of different period, final repayment upon maturity, monthly interest repayment and one-time principal repayment upon maturity, repayment at your choice and other methods are optional.
5. Revolving: Within the amount and time limit stipulated in the revolving loan contract, multiple drawdowns and repayments can be realized through self-service channels such as the Bank’s internet and mobile banking.

☆ Conditions for application
1. Applicants should be natural persons with full civil capacity, and aged between 18 (inclusive) and 65 (inclusive).
2. They should have legal and valid identity and marital status certificates, permanent residence in the place where the lender is located, and household register certificate (or valid residence certificate) of the place where the lender is located. If the borrower is a foreigner or a resident of Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan, he/she should have a permanent residence and occupation within the territory of the People’s Republic of China and be able to provide an effective contact person.
3. They have gone through the appraisal in ICBC internal ratings-based system of retail banking, with the rating or score meeting relevant rules.
4. The borrower applying for business purposes should also provide relevant business qualification certificates.
5. They should have the willingness and ability to make repayment, without bad credit record.
6. They should have legal, valid, reliable and full-amount guarantee recognized by the Bank.
7. They should have clear, legal and compliant loan purposes.
8. They should have opened a personal settlement account with the Bank.
9. They should meet other conditions stipulated by the Bank.

☆ Materials for application
1. Application Form for Personal Loan.
2. Original and copy of valid identity document of the borrower and his/her spouse, certificate of domicile (or household register or other valid certificate of residence), certificate of marital status (marriage certificate, divorce certificate, declaration of single status). Those who apply for loans for business purposes should also provide relevant business certificates.
3. Repayment source materials and other materials that can prove the borrower’s repayment ability.
4. Evidence of loan purpose.
5. Certificate of ownership of the mortgaged property and other materials required by the lending bank.
6. Other documents or materials required by the lender.

☆Interest rate
Inclusive financial loans are entitled to preferential interest rates.

The above is for reference only. Details refer to the rules drawn up by local ICBC branch. To save your time, please call your local ICBC before applying for the service.
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