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Personal Credibility Letter

When students applying for visa to study abroad, the embassy of the destination country will ask for document to prove the financial strength and creditability. The creditability letter issued by ICBC, backed by ICBC's strong capital standing and excellent market reputation, will greatly increase the creditability of the students in terms of financial and good faith.

☆ Introduction
The personal credibility letter refers to a letter in English and Chinese issued by ICBC for customers, stating clearly the total of financial assets held by customers in ICBC, and the transactions. The letter serves as an unbiased proof on your financial strength, creditability, and transactions of money.
The personal credibility letter issued by ICBC includes: personal deposits (certificate/savings T-bond), transaction amounts in personal deposits, proof of your buying book-entry T-bond, wealth management products in home and foreign currencies (and transactions records), funds, insurance or gold (account or physical), proof of personal loan, proof of repayments to credit card, proof of your credit card's credit limit, and proof of other services signed up in ICBC.

☆ Features
ICBC is the largest commercial bank in China. The creditability letter issued by ICBC is backed by ICBC's strong capital standing and excellent market reputation.

☆ Service Channel
The designated ICBC outlets.

☆ Operation Guide
1. To apply for credibility letter, submit the following documents: passbook/certificate of deposit (with transactions) or bank card, original of identity document: If someone applies on behalf, submit the identity document of the person as well.
2. Fill in ICBC Application Form for Personal Credibility Letter.

☆ Friendly Reminder
1. The handling outlet may not issue creditability letter on non-deposit type of financial asset at once due to the complexity in checking the details.
2. Not every outlet can issue all types of credibility letters. Call the outlets for details first.

The above is for reference only. Details refer to the rules drawn up by local ICBC branch. To save your time, please call your local ICBC before applying for the service.
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