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Shipping and Offshore Engineering Equipment Leasing

I. Description
With ICBC’s professional experience and constant support to shipping finance, ICBC Leasing offers tailored leasing services for shipping owners, shipping companies and ocean engineering companies and makes contributions to the development of China’s shipbuilding industry, shipping industry, and oilfield industry.

II. Distinctive Advantages
Leveraging on ICBC’s extensive network at home and abroad, ICBC Leasing offers professional, tailored and flexible leasing products and services for the shipping industry in China and worldwide to meet the diverse needs of business development; ICBC Leasing provides financing services, enlarges asset scale, guarantees capital flow security for customers. With comprehensive financial service solutions, ICBC Leasing can help customers optimize financial statements, conduct assets management and control, and meet the actual need of industry-finance integration.
The types of vessels include the bulk carrier, container, oil tanker, liquefied natural gas carrier, liquefied petroleum gas carrier, ships for chemicals, roll on roll-off, wind farm service operation vessel (SOV), floating storage and regasification unit (FSRU), floating liquefied natural gas unit (FLNG), floating production,storage and offloading unit (FPSO), drilling platform, offshore engineering ship, and multi-purpose vessels, etc.
According to their own needs, customers can obtain tailored financial services and leasing products from ICBC Leasing, according to their needs such as assets purchase, remnant assets revitalization, shipping leasing, and industrial information consultation, and industry-finance integration and benign development.

III. Business Type
i. Financial leasing product
When the financial leasing expires, the ownership of the vessel will be transferred to the lessee under the leasing agreement;
●Leasing of newly-built vessel. ICBC Leasing enters into agreement with the lessee upon prior investigation, and purchases the vessel from the shipping manufacturer according to the lessee’s choice of the model and specifications. After the vessel delivery, ICBC Leasing will lease the vessel to the lessee under the bareboat charter arrangement and charge commission fees.
●Leaseback after sale. ICBC Leasing enters into agreement with the lessee upon prior investigation, and purchases the vessel from the lessee. After the vessel delivery, ICBC Leasing will lease the vessel to the lessee under the bareboat charter arrangement and charge commission fees.   
ii. Operating leasing product
Operating leasing product. ICBC Leasing provides assets for customers according to their needs while ICBC Leasing owns the asset ownership.
●Newly-built vessel. ICBC Leasing provides tailored assets for customers according to customers’ needs, and leases the asset to the lessee for operation. Customers guarantee rent payment with the cash flow obtained by operating assets.
●Second-hand ship asset purchase. According to customers’ needs to enlarge assets or capital needs, ICBC Leasing purchases second-hand ships in the market or leases back customers’ assets after sale, and then leases the asset to the lessee for operation.
Based on the two kinds of leasing, ICBC Leasing can further design a more flexible transaction structure for customers according to their actual needs.
iii. Investment structure product
Investment structure product. ICBC Leasing operates assets with customers mainly based on customers’ needs, which realizes a win-win situation of industry-finance integration.
●Partnership structure mode. ICBC Leasing can establish a joint venture with shipping management companies to provide customers with jointly-operated leasing products. Such partnership integrates capital advantage of ICBC Leasing and professional management advantage of shipping management companies and reduces the lessee’s cost with synergy effect.
●Joint venture mode. ICBC Leasing owns assets jointly with customers and shares risks and returns with customers. ICBC Leasing chooses suitable operating modes according to the market. Apart from traditional bareboat charter and time charter, for example, ICBC Leasing can order newly-built ships or purchase second-hand ships to provide contract of affreightment service according to shipping companies’ needs. With contract of affreightment service, shipping companies can realize off-balance-sheet arrangements of shipping assets.
iv. Financial consultation product
Drawing on distinctive product characteristics, strong market penetration, years of market influence, as well as ICBC global network, comprehensive financial services, and global customer assets, ICBC Leasing can provide customers with multi-angle financial information, including project arrangement, communication with upstream and downstream customers, financial facility arrangement, finance structure design, and financial service agent, etc. In this way, ICBC Leasing can save customer assets and provide comprehensive one-stop financial services.

IV. Contact Information
Telephone: 86-10-66105945
Fax: 86-10-66105999
Email: shipping@leasing.icbc.com.cn

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