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ICBC e Bill Payment

Business Description: ICBC e-Bill Payment, as the unified entrance of the Bank’s payment service, is designed to provide convenient, fast and efficient collection services for enterprises. It provides collection services including multi-channel collection, bill details inquiry, pushing bill reminders and automated publication of expense items with one point of access. Besides, it also provides exclusive cloud collection platforms for collection institutions like property management companies, institutions related to the Party, Youth League and trade union and schools.

Conditions: The applicant needs to present the business license and legal person certificate, sign the Agreement for Collection Business Cooperation and submit the Application for Collection Service.

(1) Fee collection for many industries: It supports the collection of communication expenses, utility expenses, transportation expenses, education expenses, television expenses, expenses for the party, youth league and trade union, taxes, property management expenses and others.
(2) Diverse collection channels: After the expense items of customers are published on the Bank’s payment platform, the collection channel can be extended to 7 channels including the open website provided by the Bank, to facilitate the payment of users and fast collection;
(3) Unified management of collection information: The collection customer can employ the corporate online banking service to manage the information about payments made by users through different channels;
(4) Value-added services: It supports active sending of bills to users for fast collection.

Service Guide:
Step 1: Signing the Agreement for Collection Business Cooperation and establishing the cooperative relationship.
Materials to be submitted by the customer: business license or institution registration certificate, organization code certificate (corporate customer), identity certificate of legal representative (responsible person), and tax registration certificate.
Step 2: Application for collection project.
Counter application: submitting the Application for Collection Service.
Self-served application: initiating the collection service application through the corporate online banking service.
Step 3: Project launching. The bank of deposit will complete the project configuration in 3 working days after receipt of customer’s application.

Note: The information given on this page is for reference only. See the announcements and regulations of local outlets for details.

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