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ICBC e Commerce

ICBC e Commerce provides transaction settlement, fund transfer, information reporting and other services for trading platform and its trading market members to complete transactions of relevant objects. The on-line and off-line service channels are integrated to blend information flows, logistics and capital flows.

Service Objects
Various commodity trading markets, electronic business platforms and their members

Account System
Trading market: Fund account, fund management book of security deposit account of the members; settlement account for collecting commissions and paying interest profit.
Trading market members: The security deposit account is opened with sub-accounts of self-owned funds, security deposit for pending orders and security deposit for orders so as to store self-owned funds and funds in transit of the trading market members; and settlement account is bound with the security deposit account for real-time fund transfer.

i. Trading market
It adapts to various modes by providing a package of financial services including account system, payment, financing, etc.
It enhances market credibility by ensuring the safety of funds and helping the market attract and stabilize members.
It bricks up market activity by meeting the payment and financing needs of the members and increasing trading volume of the market.
It protects the market enthusiasm by offering flexible methods for interest accrual and profit sharing of the trading funds, and supporting the unified interest accrual and profit interest accrual of the market.
ii. Trading market members
It is rich in settlement method: Payments are made in cash, or by domestic L/C guaranteed by electronic bank acceptance draft, or by guarantee payment;
It ensures fund safety: The new security deposit account system is adopted to ensure the trading market members’ fund safety through guaranteed payment.
It meets financing needs: It understands the background of the members through trading information exchange with the market platform, provides buyer’s and seller’s electronic warehouse receipt financing for trading market members meeting the financing conditions, and offers integrated payment and financing services.
It is convenient for transaction: It provides members with a variety of trade channels such as B2B, B2C, corporate Internet banking, personal Internet banking, etc.

i. Trading market
Step 1: Signing a cooperation agreement
“Cooperation Agreement on ICBC e Commerce”, “Interface Confidentiality Agreement”
Step 2: Developing market functions
Interface documents are delivered and the market’s systematic functions are developed.
Step 3: Measuring and assessing test environment
Step 4: Launching and verifying production environment
Step 5: Launching
ii. Trading market members
Step 1: Opening an account in the trading market.
Step 2: Establishing relationship with ICBC e Commerce by opening security deposit account at the Bank.
Signing the “ICBC e Commerce Services Agreement”, submitting the application, business license, organization code certificate, and tax registration certificate; application for opening an account can be submitted through Internet banking.
Step 3: Trading on-line.

Notes: Information provided herein is only for your reference. Specific business is subject to announcements and rules released by local ICBC outlet.



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