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Global Cash Management Solution (China Headquarters)

I. Company background
A company has its headquarters in China with subsidiaries/branches in many countries/regions. The company wishes to enforce better financial management on the overseas subsidiaries from domestic headquarters in order to integrate and centralize the treasury flow and information flow effectively.

II. Company Requirement
Mainly include: account management, payment management, fund concentration, and the tailored investment/wealth management and information services for overseas operation.

III. Solution Design
Overall Thought
Company headquarters and ICBC work together on global cash management, set up a centralized treasury management platform in line with the company situation to effectively manage the company funds and accounts cross-border.

Account management
Company headquarters can get timely information on the balance and details of accounts in their overseas subsidiaries, as well as comprehensive account reports and complete reconciliation details.

Centralized payment management
Company headquarters sends payment instruction, ICBC system automatically sorts and processes, and arranges for the company the payment involving many banks.

Centralized treasury management
Upon fulfilling the local regulatory policy, ICBC assists the company to set up cross-border cash pool for unified allocation of global liquidity and capital through effective centralized treasury management services.

Investment and risk management
ICBC offers the most optimal risk hedging solution and investment/wealth management solution to preserve and add value to the company's cash reserves.

Information support service
ICBC collects the market news, taxation policy, financial laws and regulations for the company's overseas operation.

IV. Result of Implementation
After the implementation of the above solutions, ICBC sets up a reasonable account framework for the company. The global cash management service basically covers the company's overseas operation network. Company through "single point access" to the global cash management service platform effectively integrates the treasury management in its overseas subsidiaries. Uses of funds have been vastly improved, internal business processes have been further streamlined, liquidity cost has been effectively reduced.

Note: Information herein is for reference only. Refer to the announcements and regulations of local outlets for further details. ICBC reserves the final right of interpretation.

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