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Foreign Capital Construction Express

I. Description
If your company is a foreign-invested enterprise under construction, the "IAP" products of ICBC can provide you with all-round professional support services including investment policy advice, account opening, settlement, foreign exchange management, and financing.

Brief flow chart is as follows:

At first, ICBC will take your company's business and financial demands into consideration and offer professional consultation service. It will establish a foreign settlement account and foreign currency funds account for the company. When your company's funds are remitted from abroad, ICBC will design a most safe, convenient and efficient remittance course for your company, with a low reduction fee, and offer Global Express service. For those idle funds of foreign currency, ICBC may provide your company with a principal-preserving foreign currency financing service according to your risk tendency.

II. Transaction occasion
When foreign stockholders plan to construct foreign-invested enterprises in China, this package service may be adopted.

III. Functions and characteristics
This package service goes through the whole construction period and helps your company familiarize the domestic economic, financial and foreign currency management policies, satisfies you with the demands on opening account and settlement, provides your foreign currency funds with value-added and value-preserved service, and to a certain degree, solves your company's difficulty in financing in construction period.

IV. Warm tips
Your company should abide by the concerned regulations of Foreign Currency Management Bureau and ICBC when transacting RMB loan under foreign currency guarantee, or transacting loan business under the guarantee of foreign stockholders.

V. Cases
One Japanese enterprise intends to invest and set the production base in China. The total investment amounts to 1 hundred million USD, with a registration fund of 80 million USD. During the construction period, ICBC offers the enterprise professional consultation services and helps it familiarize domestic economic, financing and foreign currency management policies, environment and how to avoid policy risks. Besides, ICBC also provides it with the professional consultation services of the policies and procedures concerning foreign currency management, industry and commerce, taxation and custom. Once the enterprise has the registration certificate of foreign currency, ICBC will open a foreign currency settlement account and foreign currency funds account immediately.

Simultaneously, ICBC, integrating its Tokyo branch, will design the safest, convenient and efficient remittance course with a low deduction of fee. This helps the company remit its 8 million USD into its domestic funds account t successfully. When ICBC gets to know that the 8 million USD has been idle funds for three months, ICBC immediately designs a principal and interest preservation for the enterprise, expecting its annual yield to be 2% to 6% with the CP financing service. Three months later, the enterprise begins to pay the land payment and construct its plant and consumes nearly all of its funds. There is an urgent need for 14 thousand RMB's loan. Because the enterprise has no mortgaged property, neither land and plant property card nor other properties able to be mortgaged, ICBC suggests the enterprise to adopt RMB loan under the foreign currency guarantee. It was up to the parent company to trust Japanese bank to issue a 20 million USD's standby L/C with its beneficiary as ICBC. Then, ICBC issues 140 million RMB's loan for the domestic enterprise and solved its problem.

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