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Prompt Remittance -- Continuous Innovation

ICBC, by connecting its system with those of counterpart banks, can conduct prompt remittance for personal and corporate clients both at home and abroad. The remitter does not need to open an account at ICBC or to specify the branch office, and both RMB and foreign currencies can be remitted, so that a "zero distance" of fund remitting can be achieved. This service has become a perfect choice for our bank clients to exploit the remittance market.

I. Safe Remittance
ICBC, taking advantage of its advanced technological network and remittance system, can guarantee the safe arrival of remittance to the account of the payee.

II. Real-time Arrival
At the same time when the fund is remitted, the payee can draw the remittance from ICBC's branch offices which offer the "Prompt Remittance" service.

III. Simple Procedures
The remitter does not need an account to conduct the remittance.

IV. Flexible Operation
ICBC offers different options in fund remittance and withdrawal, including specifying or non-specifying the account number of the payee, one-time or multi-time withdrawal (only in Mainland China), cash withdrawal or credited into another account, which greatly meet the diversified needs of clients.

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