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Re-loan Financing of Import Buyer Credit

I. Introduction
Re-loan financing of import buyer credit is the loan support provided to the enterprises in China by foreign governments through the export credit organization or commercial banks to encourage the export of the products of their countries.

II. Business features
The repayment term of Re-loan financing of import buyer credit is generally 5-10 years. According to the regulations of the lending bank, floating interest rates can be applied or the fixed interest rates of the export credit of the economic cooperation organizations can be referred to

III. Prospective clients
Clients can consider using Re-loan financing of import buyer credit if they meet certain conditions and the demands for the project financing are not more than 85% of the total purchase contractual amount of the project.

IV. Operation process
1. Clients propose application in the local development and reform committee, industrial responsible departments and the economic and foreign trade department to obtain the approval of the development and reform committee for using the foreign funds index.
2. After approval for the project, ICBC will carry out review and evaluation of the project.
3. ICBC signs Foreign Exchange Re-loan Contract with clients.
4. Sign loan agreement with foreign banks and borrow the funds.
5. Execute the project.

V. Notices
1. What kinds of project can obtain the import buyer credit?
Generally speaking, the import buyer credit can be considered when the domestic foreign exchange funds fails to meet the project need due to the term and cost limit. Because economic cooperation organizations have strict limit on the project of foreign government loan, it is feasible for most projects to pursue the import buyer credit.

2. Can a client obtain the guarantee of the Chinese government?
At present, the Chinese government regards the import buyer credit as commercial loan so it can't provide guarantee.

3. What are the approval procedures of ICBC?
The re-loan of import buyer credit must all be reported and approved by the head office of ICBC.

What are the competitive advantages of ICBC?
(1) ICBC has signed general agreement of f import buyer credit with world-class international banks, providing convenience to get rapid loan from foreign banks.
(2) ICBC has successfully completed multiple large projects and accumulated rich experience.
(3) The powerful RMB funds strength of ICBC can provide clients with complete set of funds needed by their projects.
(4) ICBC can provide clients with swap arrangement aiming at avoiding foreign exchange risk of the domestic project units.
(5) ICBC is one of the only three Chinese re-loan banks approved by American Import and Export Bank.

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