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e-Supply Chain Finance

I. Introduction
This is an online service where ICBC loans are provided through electronic banking channel to the upstream and downstream companies in a supply chain, who transacts with the key companies of the supply chain via e-commerce websites or e-ERP platform. ICBC extends credit to the upstream and downstream companies in a supply chain based on their online transactions, commercial credit record and credit standing of the key companies.

II. Features and Advantages
All steps are processed online
Customers apply by themselves
Service available in different regions

III. Target Client
Key companies: When compared to the conventional supply chain solution, it costs less to carry out business with the upstream and downstream companies online, including order generation, contract signing, goods to inventory after inspection and settlement of payment. No more restriction on time, places and manpower, less financial cost, closer ties with the upstream and downstream customers, wider business network.

Upstream/downstream customers: While it is difficult for small-and-medium enterprises to access bank loan in the conventional way, e-supply chain solution facilitates them to get funding backed by the creditability of key companies: Upstream companies can quickly collect back account receivables for production or goods preparation. Downstream companies use the e-supply chain loans for procurement to reduce borrowing cost, and enjoy the highly efficient and convenient loan services provided by ICBC.

IV. Product Offering

Note: Information herein is for reference only. Refer to the announcements and regulations of local branches for further details. ICBC reserves the final right of interpretation.

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