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Export Jieyi Express

I. Description
If your company adopts L/C to export, ICBC's "Export Jieyi Express" package service may offer you professional consultation, L/C notice, package loan, outward bill/discount/ forfeiting, account receivable exchange rate risk management and other supporting services
Brief flow chart is as follows:

II. Transaction occasion
When your company and the importer promise to use credit card manner for balance in the contract signed, you can use this service.

III. Functions and characteristics
1. Make up the capital gap caused by your company's stock, material preparation, production and package.
2. Accept exchange in advance, accelerate capital turnover and improve the financial report forms of your company.
3. Elude exchange rate risk.

IV. Warm tips
1. Your company should be assessed credit grade and credit line by ICBC.
2. Outward bill/discount/ forfeiting financing payment should be firstly paid to the package loan under this L/C. the balance is to deposit into the company's account.

V. Cases
One export enterprise, Company A and importer, Company B agrees to adopt 90-day forward L/C settlement.

After receiving 1 million USD's L/C, Company A applies for package loan from ICBC. After reviewing the L/C items, Company A's creditability and performance ability, ICBC issues 6 million RMB's package loan to Company A. after the delivery of Company A's materials, it submits 1 million USD's export receipt to ICBC and asks for opening bank's promise. When it receives opening bank's promise paper of due payment, Company A applies for the transaction of Forfeiting financing. ICBC deduces its financing interest and banking fee, and extends financing, and return 6 million's package loan simultaneously. The balance is transferred to Company A's account after exchange settlement. After opening bank's payment in due time, Company A returns Forfeiting financing.

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