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Insurance Enterprise Solution

Analysis on Demands of Cash Management
● The client requires the bank to be commissioned to collect the first and later premiums of the personal and corporate insurance applicants of the insurance company, and enter into the account in time.
● The client requires the bank to offer a serious of services such as handling new insurance, withdrawing insurance, enquiry, checking the account of the business and note and bill management.
● The client requires the bank to offer the multi-channel fast collection services of the premiums.
● The client requires carrying out the payment budget control on the level-2 and level-3 branches.
● The parent company of the client requires the bank to monitor the account information of the all level-2 and level-3 branches in an all around way, and offer real-time fund change information of the accounts of all level-2 and branches.
● The client requires the bank to offer a wealth management plan with high return for the surplus funds of the company and the plan shall meet the risk control requirements of the insurance industry.

Management Solution
Aiming at the demand of the enterprise, ICBC implemented the cash management solution through 5 approaches including account system establishment solution, centralized fund management solution, commission insurance Solution, short-term financing solution and current fund cask management solution. 
1. Account System Establishment Solution
● Establish all accounts in ICBC to make the united management of the accounts easy.  
● The parent company collectively manages the funds to enhance the use efficiency of the funds.
● Set up an account system of three levels to make grading calculation easy  
● Account system mode: Separation of expense from income
● Centralized account management mode: Level- by- level management mode
(1)Account System of Three Levels

In order to payment and collection management, ICBC designs a financial management mode of "separation of expense from income". The parent company of the enterprise establishes a basic account in ICBC, the branches of the levels establish special income and expenditure accounts in local ICBC branches respectively; the parent company carries out the strictly management of "separation of expense from income": the income accounts are only used in incomes and the expenditure accounts are only used in expenses.  
(2)Management of "Separation of Expense from Income"

2. Centralized Fund Management Solution
Due to the parent company of the enterprise conduct the management of "Zero Balance" on the special income accounts of branches, ICBC plans to offer fast convenient fund collection services through following three methods: through internet banking service, all balances on the special income accounts of branches of the enterprise will automatically transfer to the account of the group level by level. If the place the branch of the enterprise is operating has no ICBC business outlet, ICBC will adopt correspondent bank mode to collect the funds through the modernized payment system of The People's Bank of China.

Fund Collection Flow

3. Short-term Financing Solution
All accounts of the branches of the enterprise are "zero balance accounts". To meet the demand of the daily expense, ICBC can set the expenditure accounts of the branches as "intraday overdraft accounts"; the parent company sets the intraday overdraft limits of the branches level by level and every branch can conduct daily payments within the line. At the end of the operation hours of every day, ICBC system will automatically liquidate the balances of the branches with the higher-level companies so as to eliminate the balance of the intraday overdraft accounts. 

4. Commission Insurance Solution
ICBC will offer commission insurance services from following aspects -internet collection bank-insurance link and commission claim services. With strong functions of the Bank-Insurance Link system offered by ICBC, the enterprise can handle new insurance, withdrawal of the insurance, enquiry of the insurance policy, checking account of the business, note and bill management and other commission insurance business so as to realize win-win cooperation. Through the enterprise financial room of ICBC's internet banking, the enterprise can handling the claims for the corporate and personalized clients in batches or in the form of transfer by items, or handling the claims on the site through ICBC's POS system.

5. Current Fund Cash Management Solution  
Aiming at the fund management features of the enterprise, ICBC offers following products:
● Fixed deposit
● Notice deposit
● Negotiation deposit
● Investment and financing products

Plan Implementation Effects

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