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Security Deposit Ledger for Processing Trade

I. Introduction
This is a service for companies or enterprises engaged in processing trade to apply for opening a security deposit ledger in the bank for the import material based on the amount stated in the contract, as required by the China Customs. All processed goods must be exported within the stated period. The security deposit ledger will be written off by the bank once approved by the China Customs. Type of ledgers can be "ledgers without payment on security deposit", "payment of security deposit" or "tax payment guarantee", depending on whether it is necessary for the enterprise to pay security deposit and how the payment is made. Bank will complete the necessary procedures for the enterprises in accordance with the Customs documents, including opening of the ledger, amendment, tax transfer, charge to one's account, stop account and written off.

II. Target Clients
Enterprises adopt electronic books and engage in processing trade, identified by the China Customs to open ledger.

III. Features
ICBC is one of the two banks designated by the General Administration of Customs to offer such service, and also the first among the commercial banks in the country to centralize all data in one place. Being named as the "Best Internet Bank" on many occasions, ICBC provides the best platform for ledge service processing.

1. Electronic processing of procedures, fast and highly efficient: less paper documents are circulated since ICBC system is connected to the Customs and data are exchanged electronically. In this way we increase the efficiency of processing the ledger while helping your company spends less in the processing;

2. Double encryption on the information, more secure: All the data exchanged between ICBC and Customs are automatically key-tested. Two encryption options of message signing and data signing guarantee extra security;

3. Multiple channels for signing up, fast and easy: apply for the service either at the ICBC Counter or via Internet Banking, no need to run between the bank and Customs;

4. Personalized service, peace of mind: If necessary, you can choose to authorize ICBC to process the service on behalf of your company once documents are received from the Customs. You are also welcome to use ICBC Messenging service so that your company will be kept informed when the Customs documents arrive and the result of security deposit processing.
IV. Application and Sign Up
Your Company must meet the following requirements before applying for the service:

1. Proof of opening the primary account when signing up "ledgers without payment on security deposit";

2. For signing up ledgers with "payment of security deposit", open RMB settlement account and security deposit account in ICBC. Fill in Related Application Form of Security Deposit Ledger Service for Processing Trade. Apply to ICBC to establish relations between your Company's Customs No., ICBC Customer No., Security Deposit A/C No. and Settlement A/C No.;

3. If there is a need to pay the security deposit via tax payment guarantee, your Company has to be approved by ICBC in obtaining credit line;

4. ICBC also offers SMS Alert service on your Company's security deposit ledger. If such alerts are necessary, sign with ICBC the Account Messenging Service Application Form.
From here, your company is free to choose:
1. Sign with ICBC the Authorization Letter of Security Deposit Ledger Service for Processing Trade to authorize ICBC to process the service on behalf of your Company once documents are received from the Customs (restricted to non-guaranteed ledgers);

2. Process the ledgers via Internet Banking (restricted to enquiry on various Customs documents and processing results, set-up and amendment of non-guaranteed ledgers);

3. Apply at the ICBC Counter.

V. Service Channel and Hours
Service is available at the ICBC Counter or via Internet Banking.
Hours of Counter services subject to the service hours of the ICBC outlets where such service is available. 
This service is available under ICBC Internet Banking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

VI. Operation Guide
Documents are required from Customs in ledgers set-up, amendment, tax transfer, charge to one's account, stop account and written-off.

VII. Responsibility Statement
Information herein is for reference only. ICBC Limited reserves the right of final interpretation. Specific details should be subject to the announcements and regulations of the local ICBC branches.

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