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Centralized Collection/Disbursement

Centralized collection/disbursement refers to the collection/disbursement instructions issued by the customers on ICBC/partner bank accounts, where collection/disbursement instructions on ICBC accounts are processed by ICBC, collection/disbursement instructions on accounts of partner banks are forwarded by ICBC to partner banks for subsequent processing. Partner banks return the result of processing which will be sent to customers via ICBC.

Centralized collection/disbursement provides customers with single point access. ICBC automatically chooses the most optimal path depending on the type of collection/disbursement.

(I) Support accounts held in different banks
Enable collection/disbursement between accounts of ICBC, between accounts of ICBC and other banks and between accounts of other banks.

(II) Support collection/disbursement in different currencies
Allow customers to send collection/disbursement instructions in RMB, foreign currencies (including domestic and overseas).

(III) Counter services support mixed instructions in a package
Counter services allow customers to mix collection/disbursement instructions of different currencies, different banks, different types into one instruction package and send to ICBC. ICBC automatically sorts the instructions by the features.

(IV) Support access from different channels
Centralized collection/disbursement instructions can be submitted via different channels, including Bank-Enterprise Interlink, Internet Banking or at the counter.

(V) Support different posting options
When submitting collection/disbursement instructions in batch, customers can opt for posting each instruction or in summary for easy posting by the financial person.

Note: Information herein is for reference only. Refer to the announcements and regulations of local outlets for further details. ICBC reserves the final right of interpretation.

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