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Fast Foods Retail Enterprise Solution

Analysis on Demands of Cash Management
● The client requires the bank to collect all sales incomes of the restaurants with more operating incomes every day.
● The client requires the bank to collect the operating incomes of the restaurants with less operating incomes on the site.
● Because the client is specialized in the fast foods with large demand on the banknote flow, especially small-sum banknotes, so the clients requires the bank to offer onsite small-sum bank note exchange service, meanwhile, the bank can offer bank card service plan to reduce the banknote flow.
● The client requires the bank to offer national payroll payment service and keep the information of the wage document secret during the process of transmission.

Collect all funds of the restaurants every day

ICBC understands them as

Demand on fund collection

Exchange the small-sum banknote, onsite collection and sending funds

Demand on onsite collection

Demand on small-banknote exchange

Bank card collection

Demand on bank card service

National payroll payment service

Demand on payroll payment

Cash Management Solution

The restaurants with large operating incomes will open the accounts in the nearest ICBC's outlets, and then ICBC assists the enterprise to realize daily centralization of operating incomes of the restaurants through automatic fund collection function of the internet banking.

As to the restaurants that can't open separate bank account, in the appointed operation hours, through the method of the cash deposit with prompt link, the bank can transfer the operating incomes to the appointed accounts by the enterprise and collect the operating incomes rapidly; through ICBC's pos network, ICBC offer peony card consumption business for the client in order to increase payment and settlement method and decrease cash transaction; also, ICBC offers regular onsite operating incomes collection service.

Aiming at the demand of the restaurants on the exchange of a large sum of changes, the branches of ICBC offers the exchange of banknotes regularly in consideration of the scales of the local chain restaurants, appointed bank outlets, agreed terms and sums.

Aiming at the demand of client on payroll payment service through the country, after received the wage documents and the data transmitted by the holding company, ICBC will encrypt the wage documents and then transmit the documents to the ICBC's branch of the enterprise through the media, E-mail or FTP.

Plan Implementation Effects

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