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Business Profile

I. Introduction
The small business finance refers to the comprehensive financial service offered to meet demands of the small business customers for settlement and financing in their production and management. ICBC small business financing product can be divided into short-term financing product and medium- and long-term financing product, according to customers’ deal structure and financing duration, to meet customers’ diversified financing demands. The settlement product can meet demands of small business customers for settlement, wealth management, and cash and risk management under the domestic and international trade.

The small business finance solutions of ICBC have been recognized by CBRC, all levels of governments, chambers of commerce and associations in many occasions. The service was warmly received by the small business customers, as witnessed by the steady and fast increase in the number of small business customers every year.

II. Target Customers
Small business customers.

III. Distinctive Advantages
i. Wide range of customers. Service targets are small enterprises in all regions and industries. Specific products and combinations are designed responsive to the development stage and business operation of the customers.

ii. Rich product categories. At the heart of the offering is the financing product and also cover services in settlement, wealth management, investment banking, electronic banking, international banking and bank card and other financial products such as trust, securities and fund.

iii. Flexible financing solutions. Choices include mortgage (pledge), guarantee, and credit. Loans can also be applied easily and conveniently against true transaction background or counterparty's credit.

iv. Highly efficient procedures. Convenient, highly efficient financial services are backed by a wide network of outlets, strong IT, professional service team and standardized working flows.

IV. Application Conditions
i. Customers are required to offer following basic materials.
1.Business license, Business certificate for special industry if engaged in a special industry.

2. Latest Article of Association of the company, capital inspection report, capital contribution agreement by the shareholders, joint operation agreement or partnership contract/agreement.

3. Photocopy of the ID card of the company’s legal representative, and major personal shareholders of the company.

4. Tax certificate and vouchers of paying utilities;
5.Account-opening permit, organization code certificate, letter of authorization for checking the credit of borrower, legal representative in the PBOC credit system.

6. Financial data related to the enterprise’s business management;

7. Proof on the ownership of the mortgage (pledge) if the loan is secured by mortgage (pledge);

8. Information related to the guarantor if the loan is secured by guarantee, including business license, organization code certificate, capital inspection report, Article of Association, financial reports for the last three years and current period, letter of authorization of legal representative, identity certificate of the agent and signature sample or seal, official seal or special seal for finance reserved in the Bank for signature formalities, or liability list and description of the situation, and other documents required by the lending branch.

ii. Other documentation
ICBC may ask for further documentation depending on the situation of the customer, the loan applied and guarantee option.

V. Service Channel and Hours
i. ICBC web portal: www.icbc.com.cn. Small enterprises or customers can apply for Online Revolving Loan, Easy Finance Link at ICBC web portal. ICBC customer service staff will handle the application accordingly. For small-and-medium enterprises (SMEs) who have supplied the necessary details, ICBC will assign customer managers to get in touch with you as soon as possible.

ii. Call ICBC. SMEs are welcome to call ICBC customer service hotline 95588 anytime for further details on small business loans.

iii. Visit an ICBC SME banking center or an outlet in person. SMEs are welcomed to visit ICBC “ICBC SME banking center” or outlets nationwide for further details or banking activities.

VI. Operations Guide
The loan operations are mainly handled by customer managers according to internal process of the Bank. The customer can only offer relevant documentation and open necessary business.

Note: Information herein is for reference only. Please refer to the announcements and regulations of local branches for further details.

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