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Standard Factory Plant Mortgage Loan

I. Introduction
This is a loan for customers to buy standard factory plants from the third party. Customers use the future business revenue to repay the loan by installments.

II. Target Customers
Standard factory plants are business premises built by real estate developers in the development zone (industrial park). Standard plants open to buyers with all the facilities and are very suitable for small enterprises to run business. This loan is not for borrowers to build factory plants for their own use. The loans are for small and medium enterprises to buy the standard factor plants mentioned above.

III. Distinctive Advantages
1.Sufficient credit line.
Small enterprises can borrow up to RMB30 million, based on the total price of the factory plants bought and the sources of funds for repayment during the loan period;
2. Reasonable grace period. Source of repayment funds during the loan period is used to determine the amount repaid in each installment. Loan tenure is up to 5 years.

IV. Application Conditions
1. Registered under the administrative department of industrial and commerce, with business license and organization code certificate;
2. Primary settlement account or general settlement account opened in ICBC;
3. In conformity to national industry policy and the planning of the development zone/industrial park, as well as national environmental protection standards;
4. Over 3 years (inclusive) of business with profit in the last two years;
5. Contract for Buying Factory Plant has been signed with the property developer stating the unit price, area, total price and delivery time;
6. Down payment (at least 30% of the factory plant price) has been paid to the property developer;
7. Ability to fulfill the obligation of the contract and repay debt, with no bad credit history;
8. Other conditions stipulated by the lending branch.

Note: Information herein is for reference only. Please refer to the announcements and regulations of local branches for further details.

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