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Multinational Company Solution

Analysis on the demand of cash management 
●  In consideration of cost control demand, under the premise of keeping existing ERP system, the client requires the bank to offer a brand-new business mode and system solution. 
● In order to shorten the period of funds in float and realize the efficiency of the fund use, the enterprise has a potential demand on centralized collection as well as the demand on automatically handling information through ERP system and offers detailed collection information to the 7 joint ventures meanwhile.
●  The enterprise hopes that it can lower the fund risk, enhance the use efficiency of the funds of the enterprise and lower financial cost through some method like control on fund payment to outside.

Cash Management Solution
The whole thought of the plan: according to the different features of funds in the phase of flowing within the enterprise, starting from the demands of the client, based on centralized collection and payment services, taking 1+1 correspondent service as a platform, ICBC offers comprehensive account information management and liquidity management services to the client in order to promote the effective combination of logistics, fund flow and information flow and assist the enterprise optimize whole business process.

1. 1+1Correspondent Solution
The enterprise has established a cooperation relationship with YY bank in global cash management service and open bank-enterprise interlink business. In order to meet the demand of the enterprise on the system development cost control, and ensure the accuracy and consistency of the system data, ICBC establishes a H2H linkage with YY bank so that the data from the system operation can be directly transmitted to YY bank by the enterprise and then delivered to ICBC by YY bank.

2. Account information management solution
As basic link of this cash management service plan, account information management directly determines the operation effect of the cash management business. According to the concrete business demands of the enterprise, ICBC offers personalized services in three aspects including contents, offering time and offering method of the account information.

3. Centralized Collection Solution
ICBC offers onsite collection service to the subordinate sale network of the enterprise. Every sales outlet don't open bank settlement account in business outlet of the bank separately; after the collection, the funds will directly enter into the account of the enterprise, when keeping the account, the sales outlet's code and other relevant information will be recorded in order that the ERP system of the enterprise can automatically complete information process. 

4. Centralized Payment Solution
ICBC will offer centralized payment service to the enterprise in order to assist the enterprise control payments of joint ventures to outside. As to the payment demand of the subordinate joint ventures, they shall submit the payment applications to the enterprise through ERP system within the enterprise, after approval, enterprise will centralize all payment orders and transmit them to ICBC through YY bank. 

5. Liquidity Management Solution
ICBC assists enterprises to establish a liquidity management within the system of the company.  Based on the zero balance management on the 7 subordinate joint ventures, in order to ensure the liquidity demand of the enterprise and subordinate joint ventures in the process of production and operation, ICBC offers products and services such as commission loan, intraday overdraft and legal person account overdraft in order to ensure the whole normal settlement of the enterprise and enhance the efficiency of the fund use meanwhile.

Plan Implementation Effects
● Before the implementation of the plan, there was account decentralization and monitor difficulty problems existing in the enterprise; after the adaptation of cash management pan offered by ICBC, the accounts of the enterprise will be more centralized and the monitor will be more effective.  
● As to the income and expense management, through the centralized collection service offered by ICBC, the process of the funds in float is obvious shorten, the centralized fund payment management offered by ICBC obviously enhance the control of the enterprise on payment. 
● As to the liquidity management of the funds, through fund collection and transfer, the enterprise realizes the centralized management of the funds and efficient transfer of the cashes.  
● As to the account information, through personalized information offered by ICBC, the enterprise ensures the fully control and united management on the accounts.

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