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Consultancy - Export

I. Introduction
Consultancy services offering help for your company to export: credibility check on the importer, export settlement option and currency choice, choice of remittance route, exchange rate risk, financing arrangement, SAFE policy on foreign exchange involved in export, financial plan, analysis on the market price of bulk raw material and potential risk.

II. Features and Advantages
ICBC Consultancy helps your company export and smooth receipt of payment. This service makes you understand better the importer, choose the best option and currency to settle, eliminate policy barrier, arrange the funds in advance and reduce the risk in export.

III. Target Clients
Anytime when your company needs advice.

IV. Operation Guide
For details, check from our Customer Manager or your nearest ICBC.

V. Statement
Information herein is for reference only. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited reserves the final right of interpretation. Refer to the announcements and regulations of local branches for further details.

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