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Bank Card Business

ICBC Bank Card products are designed to meet the needs of small and medium enterprises and their employees in consumption payment, transfer and settlement and small-amount overdraft.

Customers will enjoy multi-functional services with bank cards and benefit from facilities in personal consumption payment, corporate settlement and transfer, overdraft and VIP premier services.

I. Peony Platinum Card
The Peony Platinum Card is the first Master platinum card that ICBC issued in mainland China. It is a top-standard dual-currency credit card for the elite group.

① 30% off the 24 hours National Vehicles First Aid membership price.

② Maximum credit limit of RMB 100,000.

③ VIP lounge services in over 400 international airports around the globe.

④ Extra air travel accident insurance with maximum insured amount of RMB 4 million.

⑤ 24-hour Peony Platinum Card SOS exclusive service line and secretary services.

II. Peony Business Card
The Peony Business Card is a credit card catered for legal person Customers in the corporate sector.

① Maximum overdraft amount for one single card of RMB 300,000.

② Hierarchical account credit limit control.

③ Used to manage information reporting

④ Offering employee benefits plan including SOS and commercial insurance.

⑤ Credit consumption, transfer and settlement.

⑥ Overseas cash withdrawal.

III. Peony International Credit Card
The ICBC Peony International Credit Card is a dual-currency Peony credit card that the holder can use the card for consumption first and repay later within the given credit limit in China and abroad.

① One card with two currencies, acceptable around the globe.

② Maximum overdraft amount of RMB 50,000 or USD 5000.

③ Zero-interest period for overdraft consumption ranging from 25 days to 56 days.

IV. Peony Debit Card
The Peony Debit Card is an RMB credit card issued by ICBC that allows the card holder to consume first and repay later within the credit limit specified by the card issuer according to the credit status of the card holder. It supports recycling credit consumption that is internationally prevailing.

① Maximum overdraft amount of RMB 50,000.

② Zero-interest period for overdraft consumption ranging from 25 days to 56 days.

③ Cash deposits and withdrawal, transfers and settlement, credit consumption.

④ Easy to use for settlement and repayment.

V. Peony Credit Card
The Peony Credit Card is an RMB credit card that ICBC issued to individual Customers. Peony credit card holders are required to maintain a deposit. It is a Debit and Credit Combo Card in that, when the deposit account balance falls between the payment due, the card holder can overdraw within a specified credit limit.

① Maximum overdraft amount of RMB 10,000.

② Interest paid on deposits in the card.

③ No zero-interest period for overdraft consumption, compared to credit cards.

④ Transfer and settlement, cash deposits and withdrawal, deposit and consumption.

VI. Peony Co-Brand Card
The Peony Co-Brand Card is a kind of credit card jointly issued by ICBC and the co-branding organization and used to provide discounts and allowance or other special services offered by the co-branding organization.


Apart from the basic functions of bank cards, more discounts and allowances and other value-added services offered by the co-branding parties.

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