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Bank-Enterprise Interlink

I. Introduction
With the turnaround of management philosophies and the improvement of management levels, a large number of enterprises group clients come up with the demands for such financial management as centralized fund management, higher fund use efficiency, and lower operating cost one after another. The emergence of Internet banking meets part of such demands to a certain extent, but still fails to solve the problem of individualized services and the consistency between the enterprise financial data and the bank account information. In order to meet the demands of senior corporate clients for individualized Internet banking services and further develop the Internet banking business both in depth and scope, ICBC launched the bank-enterprise interlink mode of Internet banking. This new Internet banking business mode is an Internet banking service which organically interlinks with the ICBC Internet banking system through the enterprise financial software and integrates the system resources of the bank and the enterprise, so as to provide the enterprise with safe, simple, real-time, individuated Internet banking services.

II. Product definition
The corporate Internet banking in general means the banking service that clients acquire by means of the generally accepted browsers (such as Microsoft IE). Bank-enterprise interlink means that ICBC e-Fortune Link Corporate Internet Banking system interlinks with the enterprise's financial software or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, the enterprise can obtain such three major kinds of services as bank account information enquiry, download, and account transfer & payment directly through the financial system interface, and customers can customize more individualized functions in its own financial systems by itself as required.

III. Product features
1. Bank-enterprise synchronizing account information
The bank-enterprise interlink organically links the enterprise financial system with the bank business processing system, integrates the system resources of both, solves the problem of the account information inconsistency between the enterprise and the bank, which has troubled enterprises for a long time, and provides a real-time, accurate, comprehensive account information support for the enterprise to make financial decisions.

2. Realizing individualized services
According to its own requirements for financial administration, the enterprise may freely assemble and control the "atomic" transactions provided by the bank through its financial software system and flexibly customize an internal authorization mechanism, so as to possess a bank of its own.

3. Easy operation and high efficiency
It is unnecessary for the enterprise financial personnel to repeatedly input the data of instructions. All instructions may be inputted in one go, the external payment and financial system account information update may be completed immediately after examined and approved, which facilitates the procedures and makes it easier and handier for clients to use.

4. Safety and reassured
Besides adopting a security mechanism the same as that of Internet banking, this system also add a "signature time" field in the account transfer transaction, and a "packet array ID" field in all the transactions, so as to effectively prevent hacker attacking and repeated submission of instructions.

IV. Perspective client
Large enterprise groups that expect to realize centralized fund management, have high real-time and consistent requirements for the enterprise financial data and the bank account information, emphasize their financial work efficiency, and possess ERP systems or financial software systems.

V. Operating procedures
1. Complete the "ICBC Internet Banking Corporate Client Registration and Application Form", if having already launched Internet banking services and never changed the authorization account, the enterprise should complete the "ICBC Client Certificate Modifications Application Form", if the authorization account needs modifications, then the enterprise should complete the "ICBC Client File Information & Data Modification Application Form".

2. Sign the "ICBC Bank-Enterprise Interlink Service Cooperative Agreement" with the bank and the enterprise financial software developer, and provide the materials concerned.

3. The financial software developer provides the development plan to the bank and organizes its implementation.

4. Test and examine it with the bank and the software developer before putting into operation.

5. Formally launch the bank-enterprise interlink immediately after having examined without any defaults.

VI. Business regulations
1. Enterprises can launch the Internet banking and the bank-enterprise interlink services simultaneously, and use different certificates respectively. For Internet banking service, it may draw several certificates so that each financial personnel may use its own certificate which has different operating authorities; for the bank-enterprise interlink service, it may draw only one certificate for the financial personnel whose operating authority is automatically controlled by the financial system.

2. After the enterprise has completed the "ICBC Internet Banking Corporate Client Registration and Application Form" when applying for the bank-enterprise interlink service, the bank will indicate "bank-enterprise interlink only" in the column of the "type of client"; if the enterprise applies for both the Internet banking and the bank-enterprise interlink service, the bank will indicate "Internet banking and bank-enterprise interlink" in the column of the "type of client".

3. If having already launched the enterprise application for launching bank-enterprise interlink services of the Internet Banking or the enterprise application for Internet Banking services of the bank-enterprise interlink, and made no modifications on the registered accounts, the enterprises should add the corresponding service items into the column of the "type of client" in the former "ICBC Internet banking corporate client registration and application form", and affix its official seal; if having made modifications on the registered accounts, then it should handle the corresponding formalities of modifications on the corporate Internet banking.

4. "ICBC Bank-Enterprise Interlink Service Cooperative Agreement" is a model of agreement prepared by the bank, and the enterprise may make proper supplementations to the agreement as the circumstance requires, but they should not conflict with any of the former clauses.

5. If adopting a private line to link with the bank, the enterprise should provide the bank with the IP address of its corporate financial system.

Note: Information provided on this page is for your reference only. The specific details should be subject to the business operation process as well as the announcements and stipulations at your local bank outlet.ICBC reserves the right of final interpretation.

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