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Diversified Service Channel Supports

ICBC has 17,000 institutions in Mainland China, including the Head Office, 31 tier-one branches, 5 branches directly controlled by the Head Office, over 300 tier-two branches, over 3,000 tier-one sub-branches, and 13,000 outlets. Among which, there are over 3,000 wealth management centers in our outlets. Moreover, we have established more than 300 overseas institutions, spread across over 40 countries and regions worldwide.

•ICBC E-Banking can provide corporate and individual customers with diversified e-banking services through the internet, telephone or mobile phone, ATM and self-service banking centers, effectively help customers establish a viable capital operation platform by breaking the restrictions of time and space, and realize effective capital management from collection, payment, to account management and liquidity management without going outdoors.

•ICBC Bank-Enterprise Interlink connects enterprises’ ERP system to the Bank’s bank-enterprise interlink system with a dedicated line. Customers can fulfill various functions including comprehensive payment and collection by submitting instructions of account information enquiry, collection and payment, which meets the all-round cash management demand of corporate customers for capital inflows, interior circulation and outflows.

Note: Information on the page is for reference only. Please refer to announcements and regulations of local outlets for specific business.

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